HearthPhone -- the Community Set Design Event

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    Hello everyone,

    over at the r/customhearthstone subreddit, we're hosting HearthPhone: an event during which several teams collectively design a custom set, with a twist: every team only creates 10 cards, and only gets to see the 10 cards which were designed by the previous team! Does this fancy game of broken telephone sound familiar? It could, because this website featured an article on the previous round!

    If you like designing cards with a purpose and don't mind working on a team, you should definitely look at this reddit post, where you can read the rules and register. When registering, you even get to state what classes you would or wouldn't like to design for, and mention if you'd like to team up with another specific designer.

    For more examples of HearthPhone, you can check this YouTube video out rounding up the first run of this event. The second event was held on the subreddit, and you can check the results down here in this reddit post. The results are always a veritable mess, but hey, what can one expect after each team has such limited information?

    So don't hesitate, check HearthPhone out and if it interests you, make sure to sign up!

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