Rise of Shadows: Arena Impact

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    Card Updates


    Scargil Rating 3(Average):  It's probably not going to be very useful in Arena, but a 4/4 body for four mana will do just fine.

    Arcane Fletcher Rating 4(Poor): You might have a couple of 1-cost minions, but this is situational, at best.

    Azerite Elemental Rating 4(Poor): If you could protect it for several turns it could be crazy in the right deck, but slow and lackluster the rest of the time.

    Darkest Hour Rating 4(Poor): It's another bid to RNG that you'll never want to use unless you've got a board full of tokens or just desperately outmatched on the board.

    Jumbo Imp Rating 2(Good): Warlock has no shortage of Demons and I wouldn't be surprised to see this make an appearance in the mid-game on a regular basis.

    Magic Carpet Rating 4(Poor): I don't know that it's unplayable, but it's pretty trashy unless you've got a very specific type of deck.

    Portal Overfiend Rating 3(Average): When compared to [Hearthstone Card (Faldorei Strider) Not Found] it seems sorta meh, but I still think it has decent stats and the Rush ability on the minions could come in handy.

    Waggle Pick Rating 2(Good): It's a good-sized Weapon and you get a (discounted) minion back from the Deathrattle.  Not a bad deal!

    Whirlwind Tempest Rating 4(Poor): It could be a great surprise finisher if you've already got a Windfury minion on the board.

    Witch's Brew Rating 4(Poor): Healing is usually not high on the consideration part for Arena decks, but I can see this being super frustrating when your opponent heals himself for 20 Health in the late game.  It's possibly more obnoxious than Healing Rain.

    Arcane Watcher Rating 5(Terrible): I don't think I'll be drafting this any time soon.  It's pretty awful for Arena.

    Convincing Infiltrator Rating 2(Good): This is going to be really annoying when facing Priest because you'll want to avoid it, but you can't because of the Taunt.

    Hunting Party Rating 5(Terrible): This is going to be too expensive/situational for an Arena deck.

    Impferno Rating 2(Good): It will be situational whether or not it buffs anything for you, but the 1 damage only hits your opponent's minions, so that's worth something.

    Kirin Tor Tricaster Rating 3(Average): Giving yourself more expensive spells is not what you want to see in a card.  However, having +3 Spell Damage could be devastating for your opponent.

    Mad Summoner Rating 4(Poor): It goes so nicely with Impferno, but unlikely to happen often enough to draft it.

    Mysterious Blade Rating 3(Average): I think it's fine on its own, but really shines if you have a Secret on the board.

    Portal Keeper Rating 3(Average):  The effect is identical to Portal Overfiend, but the cost and stats are different.  It's unlikely to survive long since it only has 2 Health, but the Rush minions still count for something.

    Recurring Villain Rating 4(Poor): It could be mildly interesting in the right deck, but I think I'll pass.

    Sunreaver Warmage Rating 3(Average): Depending on your deck, this could be awesome and would definitely go up in value if you're spell-heavy.

    Sweeping Strikes Rating 3(Average): This could be absolutely devastating, especially if your opponent is dug in behind a Taunt.  It won't always be amazing because you've got to have a decent minion to throw it on to start with.

    Tunnel Blaster Rating 3(Average): It might come in handy if you're playing from behind, but otherwise it's going to blow up your side of the board too.

    Underbelly Angler Rating 3(Average): It's fine as a regular two-drop, but in the right deck this easily moves up in ranking as it will generate a ton of additional minions.

    Underbelly Ooze Rating 4(Poor): It's probably too slow for Arena but can certainly get out of hand in the right deck.

    Arcane Servant Rating 3(Average): It's nothing special, but at least it has an Elemental tag.

    Blessing of the Ancients Rating 3(Average): It could be really nice mid-game with the Twinspell aspect.

    Burly Shovelfist Rating 2(Good): It's expensive, but the Rush ability with its size is nothing to ignore.

    Dalaran Crusader Rating 2(Good): I can see this is going to be really annoying to deal with.

    Dalaran Librarian Rating 3(Average): It's much more of a constructed card, but will be fine if played on curve as a regular 2-drop.

    Daring Escape Rating 5(Terrible): It's not often you'll find a situation you want to return ONLY your minions to your hand in Arena.

    Eccentric Scribe Rating 2(Good) You end up getting 10/8 of combined stats for only 6 mana which is awesome!  I'm reserving final judgment until we find out what the Vengeful Scrolls that get summoned do.

    Faceless Rager Rating 3(Average): It's good to see Ragers getting some more love and it's about as good as you would expect it to be.  Although, it could be a real problem in the mid-late game once you start putting larger minions on the board.

    Flight Master Rating 1(Excellent): I generally don't like giving my opponent anything, but you're getting 5/6 worth of combined stats for only 3 mana.  That is amazing!  If you're able to take care of the 2/2 your opponent gets without trading in your own 2/2, then you've gained a huge advantage.

    Hench-Clan Shadequill Rating 2(Good): This goes back to the Zombie Chow mentality, but since it's more expensive it's not nearly as amazing.  Looking at Chillwind Yeti sort of puts it in perspective.

    Heroic Innkeeper Rating 3(Average): You need at least 2 other minions already on the board to make it worth it.  That shouldn't be hard to do, but if you aren't able to buff it, then it's going to be a real disappointment.

    Magic Dart Frog Rating 3(Average): It's like Flamewaker's baby brother.

    Mana Reservoir Rating 5(Terrible):  It's only a threat if you've got the spells to support it.

    Mutate Rating 3(Average): It's like the discount version of Unstable Evolution.

    Potion Vendor Rating 3(Average): The effect is nice, but the minion is so small it will difficult to really be happy when you've drawn it.

    Proud Defender Rating 3(Average): It can be pretty good if you've got an empty board, but it's awkward to keep out there.

    Rapid Fire Rating 3(Average): It's nice to get a small ping with Twinspell.  It could come in handy.

    Safeguard Rating 3(Average): I feel sorta 'meh' about this, but I really think it's going to be awfully annoying considering your opponent has to waste 10 damage to get through the wall.

    Soul of the Murloc Rating 3(Average): It's like a cheaper, less threatening version of Soul of the Forest.

    Spellbook Binder Rating 3(Average): It's still fine as a 2-drop even if you don't get to draw an extra card.

    Sunreaver Spy Rating 3(Average): It's another one of those that's alright as a 2-drop, but gets better if you meet the special condition.

    Toxfin Rating 4(Poor): This will really depend on your draft, but most of the time I would pass.

    Unsleeping Soul Rating 4(Poor): This is only going to be useful in certain situations.  The Silence effect just absolutely kills it.

    Ursatron Rating 3(Average): It's nice if you can get the Deathrattle bonus, but even so, it's fine as a normal 3-drop.

    Vicious Scraphound Rating 3(Average): I can see these little guys gaining ridiculous amounts of Armor if they're hid behind a Taunt.  Otherwise, they should be pretty easy to deal with.

    Violet Spellsword Rating 4(Poor):  It's really going to depend on your draft as to how consistent this minion is.

    Violet Warden Rating 2(Good): It's a large, reasonably-priced Taunt with Spell Damage.  That's some hefty power-creep on Archmage and I'll take it!

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    Cool new site, I like it! I don't have time to comment on the cards, so I'll just post my ratings here for comparison:

    Card NameRatings
    Archivist Elysiana4
    Archmage Vargoth3
    Arch-Villain Rafaam1
    Barista Lynchen3
    Blastmaster Boom3
    Catrina Muerte1
    Chef Nomi5
    Commander Rhyssa3
    Fel Lord Betrug4
    Heistbaron Togwaggle2
    Jepetto Joybuzz3
    Keeper Stalladris2
    Madame Lazul2
    Swampqueen Hagatha2
    Tak Nozwhisker5
    The Boom Reaver3
    Vereesa Windrunner2
    Arcane Fletcher5
    Azerite Elemental4
    Big Bad Archmage2
    Crystalsong Portal4
    Crystal Stag2
    Darkest Hour5
    Dragon Speaker5
    Hench-Clan Hag3
    Jumbo Imp3
    Lazul's Scheme3
    Magic Carpet5
    Mana Cyclone2
    Nine Lives3
    Omega Devastator1
    Portal Overfiend3
    Power of Creation2
    Shadowy Figure4
    Unidentified Contract1
    Unseen Saboteur5
    Waggle Pick1
    Whirlwind Tempest5
    Witch's Brew5
    Arcane Watcher5
    Call to Adventure4
    Clockwork Goblin4
    Conjurer's Calling1
    Convincing Infiltrator1
    Desperate Measures3
    Dimensional Ripper4
    Dreamway Guardians2
    Eager Underling4
    Exotic Mountseller3
    Forbidden Words1
    Hagatha's Scheme1
    Hunting Party4
    Kirin Tor Tricaster4
    Mad Summoner5
    Magic Trick3
    Mass Resurrection3
    Mysterious Blade2
    Plot Twist5
    Portal Keeper4
    Recurring Villain3
    Sludge Slurper1
    Spellward Jeweler3
    Sunreaver Warmage4
    Sweeping Strikes3
    The Forest's Aid2
    Togwaggle's Scheme5
    Tunnel Blaster3
    Underbelly Angler2
    Underbelly Fence2
    Underbelly Ooze4
    Unleash the Beast2
    Aranasi Broodmother4
    Arcane Servant4
    Blessing of the Ancients4
    Burly Shovelfist2
    Bronze Herald1
    Crystal Power2
    Dalaran Crusader2
    Dalaran Librarian3
    Daring Escape5
    Dr. Boom's Scheme5
    Eccentric Scribe2
    EVIL Cable Rat4
    EVIL Conscripter3
    EVIL Genius3
    EVIL Miscreant2
    Faceless Rager3
    Flight Master3
    Hench-Clan Burglar2
    Hench-Clan Hogsteed2
    Hench-Clan Shadequill1
    Hench-Clan Sneak3
    Heroic Innkeeper4
    Improve Morale2
    Lightforged Blessing5
    Magic Dart Frog4
    Mana Reservoir5
    Marked Shot1
    Messenger Raven2
    Never Surrender!5
    Potion Vendor4
    Proud Defender2
    Rafaam's Scheme2
    Rapid Fire3
    Ray of Frost3
    Soldier of Fortune4
    Soul of the Murloc4
    Spellbook Binder2
    Sunreaver Spy3
    Travelling Healer3
    Unsleeping Soul4
    Vicious Scraphound2
    Violet Spellsword2
    Violet Warden3
    Walking Fountain1


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    Finalized my thoughts on the rest of the cards (Rare, Common). So far it seems like a lot of cards are gonna be very good for arena. Some really powerful effects and lots of card generation. This will be interesting.

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    Scargil(3): 4 mana 4/4 is okay. The murloc synergy will likely have minimal impact on it's overall effectiveness.  

    Arcane Fletcher (4): Other then Hunter I don't see this card being draftable. Even in Hunter it's rarely going to be correct to draft this.  

    Azerite Elemental (3): Probably playable just as a 5 drop, but the delayed spell damage is a bit of a pain, but it's a nice boost if it lives 1 turn.  

    Darkest Hour(5): Overcosted and RNG dependent as well as situation dependent. Un-draftable.  

    Jumbo Imp (3): Not a huge fan of this, but it's still a big drop and has some synergies in this class. Playable demons seem to be more common as well.  

    Magic Carpet (4): The ability shouldn't go off that often, as a 3 drop the 1/6 is not good enough most of the time. 

    Portal Overfiend (3): Should be decent, it's unstatted but the 2/2s have value and initiative when drawn. 

    Waggle Pick (2): First 4 damage weapon for Rogue. The deathrattle is only bad when the weapon gets oozed. Otherwise it's controllable and more often then not, a benefit as opposed to a draw back.  

    Whirlwind Tempest (5): Undraftable. There isn't many windfury minions to begin with.

    Witch's Brew (5): Near undraftable. It's flexibility does not make up for the fact that healing is generally not worth the card by itself.  

    Arcane Watcher (5): Better then Ancient Watcher, but that doesn't mean that much.  

    Convincing Infiltrator (2): It's similar to Gloomtrogg 1/5 taunt poison minion in strength. It's good but it shouldn't be compared to Obsidian Statue.  

    Hunting Party (5): Undraftable. Need 3 hits to break even to pre nerf Nourish, as a Hunter, this seems like an impossible feat on T5 or later.  

    Impferno (3): Arcane Explosion with a Demon buff. It's okay as a small AOE with occasional upside.  

    Kirin Tor Tricaster (3): Worse then Cosmic Anomaly. The body is bad on T4, and the spell restriction hurts it's ability to be played with big spells on the same turn.  

    Mad Summoner (5): It's a net 3/3 for 6 mana on an empty board, so you'll need to find a way to remove their board and preserve your board to make this worth while. 

    Mysterious Blade (2): Early initiative for Paladin is great. It's a fine weapon, and the secret set up on T1 is very possible.  

    Portal Keeper (3): Slightly worse then it's 5/6 brother, but still a viable pick and has potential to trade up as well.  

    Recurring Villain (2): Small stat discount for a huge value and tempo play if you can squeeze +1 attack. It's also reoccuring so effects like Stormwind Champion make it a huge threat.  

    Sunreaver Warmage (3): This is going to be average in some classes but goes up in other classes. Its a huge tempo swing if it goes off.  

    Sweeping Strikes (2): I think this card is very powerful. It'll potentially 2 for 1 easily. This will be an interesting 1 off in Warrior decks. Be mindful of your positioning against Warriors!  

    Tunnel Blaster (4): This seems worth then Abomination. It's more expensive, harder to kill off and comes in the late game where 3 damage is less impactful.  

    Underbelly Angler (2): Very powerful card for Shaman if they can pull this off. Almost no downside to this card with potential huge upside. 

    Underbelly Ooze (5): Undraftable unless you're Paladin or have access to buffs. Summoning 2x 3/4s (after receiving 1 damage) is not winning the game for this mana investment.  

    Arcane Servant (3): Average 2 drop with Elemental tag.  

    Blessing of the Ancients (3): Expensive but flexible, seems fair.  

    Burly Shovelfist (1): For what it is, it's great. Whether the meta will allow taking multiple 9 drops, we'll see. If anything it'll benefit from the lack of large removals in the upcoming meta.  

    Dalaran Crusader (1): Great card, will be meta defining 5 drop for this set.  

    Dalaran Librarian (3): 2 drop with upside. Seems solid.  

    Daring Escape (5): Un-draftable. Significantly worse then Shadow Step, which is already a fringe card to draft.  

    Eccentric Scribe (1): Neutral Savannah Highmane. It's a 6 drop so you can't take a bunch of these in a deck. Its comparable to Violet Wurm or Piloted Sky Golem. Candidate for best neutral in the new set and potentially meta defining.  

    Faceless Rager (2): It'll be good, but don't mistaken it for a 3 drop.  

    Flight Master (3): It's draftable, but I have a bad feeling about this card. It's not a great turn 3, because your best result is a 3/4. It also allows smaller minions to trade up.

    Hench-Clan Shadequill (1): This card is a nightmare. It's in the class that will benefit from it the most, and hurt from it's draw back the least. 7 hp will mean this thing kills a bunch of stuff and gets healed to stabilize the early game for Priest. The lack of poisonous minions in the meta means this thing will almost never go down to 1 card. It's insane.   

    Heroic Innkeeper (3): Need 2 minions for this to be good, anything more pushes it into premium territory.  

    Magic Dart Frog (4): Are you okay with a 2 mana 1/3 ? The ability isn't even worth considering if it's not the optimal play.  

    Mana Reservoir (5): Undraftable.

    Mutate (2): I like this card at 0 mana. It'll give some punish turns for sure. 

    Potion Vendor(3): Good effect, but body is not very useful. Not a great T1 either so it's best held for it's ability.  

    Proud Defender (2): Solid card that has some good interactions that you can manipulate in your favor. Fair, and balanced, but good.  

    Rapid Fire (3): Synergies with spell damage, otherwise over costed for it's flexibility.  

    Safeguard (3): It's fine and might be better then we think. The body is weak for it's mana cost, but it's quite a bit of HP to chew through.  

    Soul of the Murloc (3): Should be okay. Needs 2 hits to be playable for it's mana cost. In Shaman, probably not an issue.  

    Spellbook Binder(3): 2 drop with upside, seems fine.  

    Sunreaver Spy (3) Average okay with upside.  

    Toxfin (3): I think sure this card is going to be better then expected. It combos well with Hench Clan Hag and of course Shaman has plenty of murloc triggers. It's has minimal downside as well as a 1 mana 1/2. 

    Unsleeping Soul (3): A worse Molten Reflection. The silence effect feels like a negative, but will likely not matter most of the time.  

    Ursatron (3): Fair stats that draws a card seems fine.

    Vicious Scraphound (3): It's cute, and should net you at least 2 armor for it's understatted body.  

    Violet Spellsword (3): 1 spell to break even, 2 spells to be good, 3 spells to be excellent. Bit tough, but probably overall an average card.  

    Violet Warden (2): Seems good actually. There's not that many taunts in this expansion, and this one is solid with 7hp and spell bonus which is relevant at times.  

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    Barista Lynchen (2): Solid card, 1 hit and it's good. Anything mores this really great value. Battlecries are the most valuable types of minions so we pick a lot of them naturally in Arena.  

    The Boom Reaver(2): It's a pretty good card, definitely above average with potential to blow the game open. Immediate initiative and a ton of Stats. Pulling almost any minion makes this card at least average. 

    Conjurer's Calling (1): Too many busted things with this card. It should have been "enemy" minion only, it should have been "summinion 2 copies for my opponent", and it shouldn't have been a Twinspell. As it is, it's off the chain powerful if you can use it.  

    Exotic Mountseller (3): Seems okay. There are some solid 3 cost beasts and you'll rarely do too poorly with any 3 drop beast. The base stats are strong enough to survive a turn so it has a better chance of seeing value.  

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    Just wanted to point out that the initial post has some incorrect info...Arena will *not* include GvG and will include MSoG.

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