Rattlegore event ended a week early

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    Posted 10 months ago

    For context, see this video from Old Guardian:

    I had planned to finish the event this week, only to find out it has ended already. If they care so little about Mercenaries that they're not willing to properly correct this mistake by re-enabling the event until the previously announced end date, then I think I'll take the hint and stop playing this mode.

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    Posted 10 months ago

    Yeah that sucks, and I almost would have fallen victim to it myself, having only just completed it late last week.

    Dont know why, but I felt less motivated to play mercs these days, even after the changes made.


    As for mercs, I wouldn't be too surprised if it died slowly, surviving only on small updates every 2 months, each as inconsequential as the next. The game needs an overhaul, but Im not too sure if blizz would ever do it. It was, after all, thought to have been developed solely as an entry to the mobile market, something which Im fairly sure failed spectacularly.

    Now that they're releasing arclight rumble, is there any reason for mercs to even still be alive now?

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