Complete lorebook achievement for Faelin Book of Heroes?

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    Anybody complete this achievement?   I am at 26 and can't seem to find anymore.

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    Nope. I got to something like 21 doing the 3 runs, then refused to look for the rest. I know some missions have multiple lore books, sometimes appearing after you could have had lethal, so you could take every fight as slow as possible and see if that helps (assuming you haven't already done that).

    It doesn't help that they can't be predicted if you don't know they're coming, so I do my actions and end the turn immediately like usual, only to see the damn things appear and disappear before my eyes. It's too much mental strain to play slowly enough to make sure I don't miss the ones I do find lol.

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    I got 29...he is somewhat of a guide I found and am working on


    This is 40 lorebooks list i find via google and hearthstone fandom
    Hope it can help u guys, i still looking for my missing, goodluck!

    0.The Leviathan(0) not count as 3 lorebooks i guess
    Grace’s Letter
    Finley’s Letter
    Halus’s Letter

    I.The Leviathan(2)
    The Leviathan Manual
    Stormcoil’s Log Excerpt

    II.Ol’ Rattleswipe(2)
    Ancient Scroll
    First Mate’s Log (Spawned from Pip by not kill other minion)

    III.Captain Hooktusk(3)
    Hooktusk’s Journal
    *Notes from the Crow’s Nest (Spawned from Shady Parrot by not kill other minion) - other pick
    Grace’s Notes (Spawned from Shady Parrot by not kill other minion) - pick Grace

    IV.The Leviathan(0)

    V.Depends on the Hero!(6)
    a.Privateer Tom (Grace)
    Tom’s orders
    The Vesper (Spawned from Jal)
    b.Hurricane Elemental (Finley and Halus)
    *Caye’s Log
    *Finley’s Musings
    *Sailor’s Rhyme
    *Halus’s Journal

    VI.Captain Maya(3)
    Maya’s Journal
    Ini’s Scribblings
    *Grace’s Notes Part II - pick Grace

    *Half-Digested Tome
    **Creatures of the Ancient Seas x2

    For Ozumat achievement (thanks to vov12012 from reddit)

    [I figured out a pretty consistent way to do the Ozumat achievement.

    So you want to pick Halus as a companion and then do the following:

    Mulligan: Keep everything.

    Turn 1: Bloom out Caye & pick ‘Dream Team’. Bring left 1/20 to 1/15.

    Turn 2: Bring 1/18 to 1/15 & leftmost 1/15 to 1/10.

    Turn 3: Play Halus & pick ‘Tenacity’. Attack 3rd tentacle from left.

    Turn 4: Attack 5th & 6th tentacle from left. End Turn.

    Now all tentacles should suicide into your taunt.

    Sometimes 1 of the tentacles can die before turn 4, depending on Unstable Shadow Blast RNG. I have also seen Ozumat killing your taunt from hand after you pass your last turn. Just retry if those things happen.]

    VIII.The Leviathan(0)

    IX.Depends on the Hero!(4)
    a.Murgaloc (Grace and Halus)
    *Guide to Murlocs
    *Essential Galley Recipes Vol. 6
    b.Cousin Errgl (Finley)
    *Meet the Mrrgltons
    *A Note on the Compass

    X.Depends on the Hero!(7)
    a.Naga Guard (Grace and Finley)
    *Ancient Decree
    **Creation of the Naga x2
    *Finley’s Thanks
    *Tom’s Message in a Bottle
    b.Enchanted Statue (Halus)
    *The Statue of Ithu’liel
    *Zin-Azshari Crystal

    XI.Ruins of House Evenlar(2)
    *Ambassador Program
    *Dathril’s Unsent Letter

    XII.Mysterious Visitor(2)
    *Friendship Pledge
    *Evenlar Family History

    XIII.Abyssal Jailor(2)
    *Laws of the Queen
    *Prisoner’s Log

    XIV.The Leviathan(0)

    XV.Handmaiden Zainra(2)
    *Zainra’s Orders
    *Abyssal Forces

    XVI.Queen Azshara(2)
    *Amulets of Evenlar
    *The Eternal Queen

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