🧂 Impossible 'YoggChamp' achievement

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    I am still trying to complete the dumb YoggChamp Paladin achievement, which is just impossible to complete normally.

    I have played 💯's of games trying to get this frustrating and badly designed achievement done without success.

    How on Earth did Team5 think this abomination would be a fun or enjoyable achievement is just really beyond me.

    Literally none of my opponents are aware this achievement exists or care to play a single spell to trigger Oh My Yogg! which was setup perfectly. Both players would get the achievement btw.

    I do not even blame my opponents coz they play the game as intended; kill the opponent efficiently and move on. The design of it is just so horribly bad.

    Getting struck by lightning twice is probably more likely to happen than completing this annoying achievement.

    Very frustrating! 😤

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    I know this is meant to be salty thread, but I figured I might add a bit. I personally am frustrated with Shamans "Snowball Effect". Even if there are rare times when there are 10 minions on board with at least more than 4 health each, the effect is too random to hit all of them without killing any. I was trying for two months now, but my mental health has higher priority, so I finally gave up, leaving the achievement at 8/10 forever.

    I was lucky with YoggChamp achievement though, long time ago, due sheer luck. Can´t really remember all the details, but I had my Oh My Yogg! active, my opponent played 1 cost spell that changed to Eye for an Eye, leaving me at low health. He had lethal next turn anyway, so I attacked him with my wee minion just for fun, which ofc ended with my death. To my huge surprise, the YoggChamp achievement procked. Looking back, it kinda makes sense - Oh My Yogg! transformed to Eye for an Eye, which killed me in the end. Hearing your story, I´m so glad I goofed around instead of just passing my turn. Maybe try to do the achievement in Duels, people tend to be silly or even BM more, taking games less seriously, risking more. That´s where I did all of my achievements with no drawback.

    So, I wish you luck, maybe you´ll be able to finish it soon after all and get some peace :)

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    As always, thanks for sharing Alleria. I am truly glad that you did not have to suffer too much to get this one done.

    I have already tried the following things:

    • Ranked Wild
    • Ranked Standard
    • Casual Duels
    • Trying to queue into my F2P account (Wild)

    None of the above has worked out yet (obviously). It only needs to happen just one single time, FFS. My next hope is to try to queue into my F2P account after my 6K+ Duels rating is reset in the near future.

    It is already frustrating enough to make the setup possible by getting either player's life total very low and draw into Oh My Yogg!. Afterwards, the opponent needs to be somewhat cooperative and play a spell instead of killing my face with other means. Lastly, the RNG gods need to favor me and shoot either player for lethal damage. Close to impossible if you ask me.

    Also, it should be "clear" to my opponent by observing all my game losing actions that I am not even attempting to get the win. I mean playing Lorewalker Cho into Oh My Yogg! could only be perceived as such, right?

    The closest I got was my opponent's Mortal Strike turned into a Bite and I was killed by it, but that did not count apparently. Unsure if this a bug though.

    I would take any other slow progression achievement over this horrible RNG one. It is just poorly designed and Iksar even mentioned something similar about it in one of his past interviews, FML 🤬

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    Casual Duels is the place to go for both of those achievements. Snowball Fight becomes much easier when you'll regularly face Paladin/Drek'Thar/Vanndar decks that flood the board with large, often divine shield minions. Just play a freeze Shaman build, you'll get there eventually.

    YoggChamp is definitely more of a crapshoot, try to put your opponent to near lethal but don't kill him. Hope for the best from there. It can be done, it just takes a while. I just always autoinclude Oh My Yogg in every Paladin Duels deck I play.

    For me the roughest achievement has been the Party Up! one, but I'll keep trying to get that four-of-a-kind...

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    Completing this achievement really just comes down to blind luck. I don't think it's something you can plan for; you just have to cross your fingers and hope the stars align. It really is mind-boggling why Team 5 included this in the achievements, it must be torture for completionists. 

    I managed to finish this achievement against a Questline Mage who was at 3 health, when their 0-mana Ignite turned into a Raise Dead. It was hilarious and totally unexpected. 

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    Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

    I finally managed to get this ridiculous achievement done and also the Vanessa VanCleef achievement using the strategy of queuing into my F2P account in Duels after the rating reset. These two achievements will torture me no longer. I was seriously contemplating to drop Hearthstone altogether because of the absurd RNG difficulty and related frustration. 

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