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    Is there a good tablet to play battlegrounds on? My Girlfriend wants to play more hearthstone but we just have space for one pc. Has anybody experience in this topic? I just wanna know if a good tablet means better Performance 



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    Hi Sammy!  My experience is extremely tangential, but maybe it will spur on others to respond.

    Last year I finally upgraded my phone from an S6 to an S21.  I only play HS on my phone and haven't noticed a big difference while playing in Standard.  However, the shop, achievements, and collections pages all load much faster on the new phone.  Unfortunately, I don't play enough BG to confidently say if it improved performance there, but the animations run smoothly atm.

    FWIW, I started playing ~6yrs ago and my friends mostly played on iPads at that time.  Even those old versions ran the game beautifully well, though there was no BG back then.

    TL;DR - I think your GF will love playing on any modern tablet.

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    Can confirm, iPads run the game pretty well, even the older ones. If you want to save a bit on one, if you go down that route, Apple might have a certified refurbished program for your country (they usually list them at the bottom of their sites), and you can get a nice discount on something new or a little older. The nice thing about their refurb program, last I checked anyway, is for tablets they replace their screen, battery, and shell so that they're brand new - the only thing that isn't replaced is the electronics. I'd definitely confirm that's still the case though if you end up going that route, don't just take my word for it.

    On the Android side of things, I can speak to the fact that the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is able to play Hearthstone pretty well. Haven't seen it in Battlegrounds but it shouldn't be all that different. S20 Ultra, phone, ran the game wonderfully in all modes, though I cannot stand Hearthstone on a phone due to the small screen.

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