OutOfCards Hearthstones decks "YourCost" how i see which cards i need?

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    Just one quick question  i looked an hour now but couldn find it.


    When i browse a deck someone posted at  OutOfCards  in DECKs section.   I see the  "Deck Costs"  and the  "Your Costs" line...


    But how i can see which cards from this deck i have.. and which i do need to craft since i dont have them?   


    First i tought i see it at the very right where all cards of the deck are listed.. maybe the ones i dont have could be greyed out or so .. but i couldnt see that.


    So how i can see which cards i need to craft for the selcted Deck?


    Thanks in Advance!

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    Hello LJstc, to sync your collection with OutofCards, you can either do it manually, or via plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker. Then "your cost" will be calculated from the missing cards in your collection telling you how much would a deck cos you based on what you already have.

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