Trading Makes the Game Crash On My Old Laptop

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    Posted 4 months ago

    I have an old laptop which is from 2010. I could play HS without any issues until last patch. With the last patch, I have this issue that as soon as I move a Tradeable card on my deck, the game stops responding. Forge works alright tho.

    I don't know maybe it is just my device but I remember like it was working normal before this patch. I can't be so sure tho since I rarely use this laptop.

    Did you guys who has an ancient laptop like this have same issue ? It is a core 2 duo, 4gb ram with Ati radeon HD4570.

    It is not a big deal tho. I am just curious that someone else also has the same problem. I will report it to Blizzard if it is not just me. If it is just me, I will try to fix the problem.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    100% report the issue to Blizzard. I saw some code changes they made with the game update this week regarding how tradeable works internally so I wouldn't be surprised if there are issues with it on the client-side.

    For those interested, the deck region to change cards now can have more than just one or two types of cards dragged on top of it to perform actions. Maybe they are planning on more drag to deck functionality of cards.

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