You want to play brain dead curve wars?

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    See there's this little deck called elites 

    it curves out better then every other deck.

    So unless your garbage pile of curve followers and compete with theirs.

    Your deck shouldn't exist 

    K thanks bye

    Hey look brain dead curve decks sure you guys can handle the math there?

    Wow we are even turning lissandra into curve yetis now?

    Are you shameless playing this hearthstone garbage I would say so.

    Why do anything? 

    Like I'm an mtg player my decks are interesting and high synergy.

    But like yeah you can take every single deck in the entire game of LOR and boil it down to I put numbers down while drool runs out of my mouth.

    So good job I guess you killed the game. Go play marvel snap now plz.

    Yep the games basically done just turbo your wincon, don't try to do anything dont try to be anything. Just vroom vroom vroom cool stuff.

    Like never have I had to ask what's in his deck because it's literally 3 cards.

    I likes that control deck you were playing with literally one card in hand because you curved out so hard? I had fun cool deck.

    Hemier is in there somewhere right? Maybe some draw, some level up wincon you know like the whole game was in there somewhere? Let me know when you find it.

    You know this whole experience has been the strongest argument for rotation in LOR I have yet to find. When every single deck in the entire game just boils down to play your threats on curve kill their threats, and replace your threats when they die there isn't really a game at all.

    It's just solitaire.

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