A Guide to Galactus by The Daily Snap

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    Galactus the World Eater

    How To Play:
    There are 2 phases to play the deck: Destroy Worlds followed by Winning. For the first couple of turns you attempt to retain priority, so you can ensure your Galactus lands through disruption (specifically Aero). Then you want to give priority away after Galactus to ensure your cards are Shang proof and your Shang is live (also applies even more to Valkyrie versions). Having turn 5 Spider-Man or Doc Oc after Galactus makes this even easier because it gives perfect information about your opponent's last turn. Kang has also given a big boost to this deck's ability to climb ladder as an additional way to see your opponent's last turn after Galactus, but also, and more importantly, allowing you to see if they have the Aero when you are about to destroy worlds. Snap + Kang > they play Aero, go back and retreat.

    Additional Info:
    With the advent of the Thanos meta the Galactus deck isn't in a great place, since its soft to Aero and early Leeches. But you can definately climb ranks thanks to the combination of the high power level and opponents not always prepping for it, due to the low volume of Galactus players on the ladder right now.

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