Who wins at a tie?

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    Sometimes I win, sometimes my opponent. How does the game decides who ins if we tie in one location, one location I win, the other my opponent?

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    If there's a tie for one of the spots, it's whoever has the greater victory at the spot they won.

    For example:

    • Their locations are 15 20 15
    • Your locations are 10 20 25

    In this situation, you lost the left by 5, tied the middle, and won the right by 10. Your 10 is higher than their 5, so you win the game. Don't go by total Power like some people (and the game) say, specifically because the Bar With No Name screws that up: the location says something like "Whoever has the least Power here wins", so you can't go by your total Power because it's actually a detriment in that spot.

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