Out of Cards Changelog - 2022-11-07

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    Additions & Changes


    • Redeployed all our static assets.
      • This was done to make sure that we don't have any old assets cached anywhere.
      • Members may experience slightly longer load times when they first visit pages due to static assets needing to be cached locally, though this is not likely to be disruptive to the end-user experience.


    • Added Death Knight Icons across the site.
    • Added March of the Lich King Icons across the site.
    • Updated Navigation for new expansion.
    • Expansion pages will no longer display classes if no cards have been revealed for that class.
      • The exception to this new rule is if we have "placeholder cards" which we haven't used in a while due to significant bulk early in a reveal season that doesn't add much to the guides themselves.

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed an issue where some RSS feeds on the site were returning 500 errors.
    • Our Discord bot is back up and running and is correctly giving out roles again.


    • Fixed an issue with card reveal notifications not going out on Discord.
      • There was a catch-up period where old notifications went out late. Shouldn't happen again.

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