Razakus Priest feat. Auctioneer

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Why Soul Mirror over Lightbomb?

Simply because it's a new card, and it's arguably better than Lightbomb, and I'd like to see how it performs. Lightbomb-type-of-effect sucks right now anyway, so don't think of it as a must-craft.

Eh, whatever.


Why Renew over Flash Heal?

Mostly because it replaces itself with another card in case you drew poorly or are in need of finding fuel for your Auctioneer or Spawn turns.


Why Gadgetzan Auctioneer over Hemet, Jungle Hunter?

I have no idea which draw engine will eventually end up being a strictly superior option, so we'll have to playtest them both. I just like this "blast from the past" feeling I get from Auctioneer miracle turns, this reminds me of good old Kobolds and Catacombs days when Razakus Priest was the top dog.

Both of them ended up being suboptimal, either healburn or dragon razakus is the way to go right now. 


Why no Dragonqueen Alexstrasza?

She does not contribute to the win condition of the deck and she is a clunky nine mana card that just occupies space in your hand. And that's clearly not what you want to have in a turbo-cycle version of this deck.

Please don't remind me of Coldarra Drake's existence, this deck can win even without highrolling one specific dragon while spending your whole turn playing a nine mana card. Well, I guess so.


Why no Prophet Velen?

Velen sucks. If you want to beat armour-heavy decks, you run Platebreaker. There's no need in running a win-more card, even more so if this win-more card is just a clunky fancy War Golem.

Taking my words back. Well, some of them. Velen is fine if you are not going for the turbo-cycle route and therefore cut Auctioneer. Otherwise, Velen is just so expensive and hard to combo with your healing spells (since they are your draw engine fuel) and Auchenai he cannot justify running himself.


How do I play this deck if all I face on ladder is quest mage?


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