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Demon Hunter continues to get new cards that manipulate their opponents' play patterns this set, and I think it could spell things for the future of the class. In no ways is this an optimal or realistically playable list, for instance the Soul Fragments are just too weak here, but I think DH could potentially slow down opponents' cards-per-turn rate consistently enough that stuff like Glide is good enough even for a slower control deck to play. DH's biggest problem here is hard removal, which it likely won't get much of in the future, but if it continues getting cards in the same vein of what it's been getting, Control DH could play out more proactively than reactively, aggressively attacking combo deck's normal play patterns and controlling the board against aggro with efficient bodies and abilities. Shardshatter Mystic is a promise that Blizzard isn't 100% against giving Demon Hunter more traditional board clears, and potentially more efficient ones than Chaos Nova, which could be promising for Demon Hunter.

It looks like Demon Hunter is going to continue to feel overpowered in Standard as they struggle to get the class viable in the long run, which presents a possible risk that DH's strong new tools will continue to be nerfed as they come out each set. For Wild, Demon Hunter will continue being pretty fringe for a long time if these nerfs remain aggressive, but I'm pretty positive that in a while the class will reflect a different way to play Control in Hearthstone.

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