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    I'd switch out a lot of the cards starting with frost novas, ice barriers & 1 voodoo doll to try adding archmage arugal, frogs and arcane missiles. Now after all this, why not book of specters and go try using 5 galvanizers? It's simple: galvinizer, arugal, banker, banker, book of specters when your deck is low. With 5-cost mechathun, it's simply a matter of the voodoo doll and hero power. Doomsayers are too good not to use and can also kill mechathun in a pinch. Jepetto is a nice card that gives a chance to draw mechathun as 1-cost. Even lunas pocket galaxy, anything to get a cheap mechathun.

    Now, between a t5 luna and jepetto, and just 1 galvinizer, there's the prospect of playing a 9 cost mechathun, but along with a 1 cost banker, adding mechathun back. You would have saved a lunas pocket galaxy or jepetto to turn mechathun 1-cost this way.

    You'd think mana cyclone isn't good, but it is so nice to add in this deck. If 1-cost mechathun comes easy, use bankers to put these mana cyclones back in your deck, and you'll always have a hand full of spells to work with. Hex lord mal is also great to make it work.

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    A guide would be appreciated


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