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It's been a while since I've posted a deck list here, but I really wanted to put this one up.  So here it goes!  The Full Monke!  (Which is a pun on The Full Monty...)

I should start with a disclaimer that I don't claim this to be a "meta" deck.  I don't build those!  I build fun decks!  So use this one at your own peril!



What is this deck?  At it's core, it's a Knuckles deck.  Not too dissimilar from stuff you may have seen content creators like Roffle play a million times before.  But this deck has some new inclusions, such as Mister Mukla and Always a Bigger Jormungar.  These new cards give us a really nice advantage where you can make a really REALLY big Mukla since he's a 10/10 Rush for only 6 mana, and the Jormungar spell can kind of make him into a minion similar to Knuckles.  And Knuckles + Jormungar just increases his face damage output as well!

The idea is simple: Draw your beasts, buff up Knuckles and/or Mukla in hand with things like Don't Feed the Animals and Scavenger's Ingenuity to buff them on draw, use Scarlet Webweaver to reduce the cost of on of those beasts, then use other buffs to power them up while in play, and then using Jormungar and The Beast Within as your last buffs to send big damage into enemy minions with excess going face.  Then you win (hopefully)!

Bestial Wrath can help protect your big beast while smashing into enemy minions. There is one Flare in case you run into any pesky secrets.  If not it can help draw.  Barak Kodobane is also present to help cycle through the deck, and Harpoon Gun might help with getting a slightly reduced beast in hand if Webweaver isn't showing up for you.  I only included one Castle Kennels but it can be useful in giving Knuckles rush to ensure he can get an extra attack when played.


If you decide to go back to monke like me, good luck and have fun!

~ Thonson

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    This was one attempt at making this deck.  Second version that’s performed a little better (but still kind of a meme) can be found here!


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