Dream of Medivh ft. Embiggen

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The sleeper has awakened

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This used to be an old homebrew Ramp deck, that i keep twisting in WILD. Updated now with an Even setup, and additionally tuned for current Wild meta (SoU).


Original Core Cards

  • Wild Growth: your basic ramp card. If you are already high on mana, keep it as a card draw after turn 10 (it gives you Excess Mana). RIP Wild Growth, you will be missed. 
  • WELCOME Breath of Dreams
  • Darnassus Aspirant: great board presence, that can lead to a subtle but insane ramp advantage the more she stays alive.
  • Mire Keeper: incredibly versatile card. It chains perfectly with the two previous cards. To be used mainly as ramp, unless threatened by a large board.
  • Medivh, the Guardian is the final key card of this deck, since its inception. It synergises very well with a lot of spells in the deck, acting as lategame steam and Tempo swings. The ramp engine of the deck helps at getting him out early.


Cards Explanation and Synergies

  • Poison Seeds and Spellbreaker are vital against the plethora of Mechs and Taunts crowding in the meta: use them wisely.
  • Branching Paths: this card has always been OP and there is no need to explain it. It offers emergency draw and armor, but it turns into a lethal if you use it as a buff. Either way, this card is a major wincondition.
  • Spreading Plague: huge defensive tool. Synergy with Medivh and Branching Paths.
  • Starfire: good removal with a built-in card draw. Its high cost is particularly affordable in a ramp deck. Synergy with Medivh. Notice that it can go to face, and nobody expects you to have such an apparently slow card in your deck.
  • Ultimate Infestation your Starfire on steroids.



Main Keepers

Secondary Keepers

These are conditional keepers:




  1. Ramp & Curve during the early game (notice that many cards are multipurpose, so you can choose for the best path every time). 
  2. Don't worry if you can't ramp early. Play on Tempo, control the board with pings.
  3. Use Swipe carefully against aggro, don't rush. It is often worth to ping with hero power for a few turns and let your opponent to build some board that can be fully cleared with a swipe.
  4. Similarly for Spreading Plague: don't rush it, wait for your opponent to go wide, as much as possible while staying safe.
  5. Keep your health far from opponent's lethal burst with taunts and armor.
  6. At this point you should have either repelled a good amount of your opponent's efforts, and/or you have ramped up quite well. Or, your opponent has been more conservative than you. In any case, TIME TO PRESS ON.
  7. Pay attention NOT to waste charges of [Hearthstone Card (atiesh, greatstuff of the guardian) Not Found] with pings, Pounce, or Wrath (unless strictly necessary ofc).
  8. ALWAYS check for lethal: very often, while playing on Tempo, you are so busy to trade that sometimes you are in reach to finish off your opponent, but you don't realise it.
    Remember that many of your defensive cards are also good as burst/finishers: StarfireSwipe (these two together account for 18 damage total already), Pounce, Bite, Ultimate Infestation, and Branching Paths.



Alternate Token Package

If you do not like the Savage Package (how could you, it also rimes!), you can consider an alternative token package, with less Tempo, but more Midrange power (more fitting in a slow meta). Here's how:


There, hope you enjoyed it, and give it a +1


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  • RavenSunHS's Avatar
    Refreshment Vendor 875 1487 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
    Posted 3 years, 10 months ago

    With Breath of Dreams and Emerald Explorer, this ancient deck has entered a new Theorycraft phase (crossing fingers for more Even Dragons to be revealed).

  • CableKnight's Avatar
    Rexxar 405 187 Posts Joined 03/14/2019
    Posted 4 years ago

    Awesome deck! Really suprised by how good Starfire and Bite can be in the right situation. Only thing that felt off was the Savage Striker. Seems to just be something you drop on 2 90% of the time. Maybe put in Druid of the Swarm if that's going to consistently be the case?

    • RavenSunHS's Avatar
      Refreshment Vendor 875 1487 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
      Posted 4 years ago

      Indeed i still have to determine if Druid of the Swarm deserves a place in the deck or not. Right now i am encountering so many Renodecks that i am not sure (it used to be there instead of Hench-Clan Hogsteed).

      As for Savage Striker, it's actually never meant to be dropped on 2 without synergy, unless you absolutely need to contest the board with a body.

      Savage Striker is basically your best midgame removal.

  • Pezman's Avatar
    2125 1809 Posts Joined 06/03/2019
    Posted 4 years ago

    Looks fun. I notice you don't have any Uldum cards, so I thought I'd suggest a few that might fit:

    Garden Gnome would most likely activate, and gives good board presence early on.

    King Phaoris, like the gnome, has plenty to work with.

    Khartut Defender is just an all around great card, especially against aggro.

    Spitting Camel would be a solid choice. Now hear me out, I'm serious. No, I'm kidding, that card is trash.

    I haven't played this deck yet, but I think I will. Then I might have better suggestions for what you could add, or what to remove.

    • RavenSunHS's Avatar
      Refreshment Vendor 875 1487 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
      Posted 4 years ago

      PS: I included an alternate token package section at the end of the guide, partly based on your suggestions.

    • RavenSunHS's Avatar
      Refreshment Vendor 875 1487 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
      Posted 4 years ago

      Indeed, I decided to forgo any Uldum cards, for now. 

      Khartut Defender is nearly useless here: too slow, and this deck doesn't really need any healing, in general. It's actually already pretty good at preying on Aggro. I'd rather use Lifedrinker instead.

      Garden Gnome is pretty good, and I haven't tested it in this deck, but the thing is, this deck is currently not boasting the token/buff package very much (I also removed Power of the Wild), because it would be quite slow at it, definitely more than other Aggro/Token decks in Wild. That's why I preferred the Pounce/Savage Striker package now: it allows better answers against Aggro, before they go rampant, while still giving good burst for yourself in case you want to go face.

      As for King Phaoris, it is not there for the same reason i use only 1x Ultimate Infestation: too slow for the Tempo plan of the deck. I may consider it in case Reno decks are too popular, and the meta slows down considerably.

      But I am ready to reconsider the last two cards, with more playtesting (I actually own both Gnome and Phaoris).

      Thanks for your comment btw.

      • Korialstrasz's Avatar
        Supporter 385 81 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
        Posted 4 years ago

        I must admit I haven't tried a Pounce/Savage Striker package.

        Druid of the Swarm underperformed for me in a lot of games and never really proved usefull even though it seems like quite a strong card.

        If I might suggest another Token generating card to your token variant it would definitelly be Tending Tauren. That card has been working wonders!

        Another thing I've noticed from playing Even Druid is that Secret Mage matchup is generally highly unfavourable for us, although the Pounce/Savage Striker might be just the thing that works against them.

        Going to give your list a swing and see how I go.

        • RavenSunHS's Avatar
          Refreshment Vendor 875 1487 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
          Posted 4 years ago

          The Savage Package is pretty solid against Aggro.

          Tending Tauren is a card i have been looking at for ages, but at turn (6) it's just too slow to build some board imho.

          Or, otherwise said, i don't know what to replace for it, without making the deck too slow against Aggro (and replacing with the token package would already make it slower).

          However, around rank 5 i've been meeting so many Reno decks i started getting salty at them. It feels they can throw whatever cards in their decks and still outvalue you... So yeah, the repeated token package might help with it. I'll try!

          PS: you might be right about the Druid of the Swarm. I never considered it, but indeed with Savage Package, the beetle might be redundant.


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