Corrupted Ancient Heroic - Mercenaries Bounty

Corrupted Ancient Heroic is an encounter inside the Felwood set of Mercenary Bounties. This bounty can be picked up from the Bounty Board and recommends a Party level of 29 to complete it. You can unlock Corrupted Ancient Heroic by first completing Xavian Satyr.

Boss Card

Corrupted Ancient Card Image

After this survives damage, summon a @/@ Treant (improves each time).

Boss Party

Treant Card Image

Potential Corrupted Ancient Heroic Bounty Rewards

In addition to earning Mercenary Coins based on your Party members, Bounties are assigned to specific Mercenaries to allow you to target loot better.

The following Mercenaries can have their loot appear in the Corrupted Ancient Heroic Bounty:


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    Note: the stats mentioned are for normal mode. On heroic, the Corrupted Ancient is now a 20/400 which spawns a 6/6 treant when damaged, improving by +2/+2 every subsequent instance of damage.

    It has three abilities:

    • Deal 12 damage, repeated for every treant killed this turn.
    • Attack twice.
    • Heal itself for 50.

    You therefore want to avoid AoE and multiple attacks (combo'ed Baron Geddon or Guff Runetotem, for example), otherwise you'll just get overwhelmed by the treants directly and indirectly.

    The most consistent strategy is to bring buffers that don't attack, and consistent healing or taunts. Just build up your team slowly, heal the damage you take, and make a few short bursts of damage when the time is right. Personally, I like Cariel Roame (with Tome of Judgement or Light) + Tirion Fordring (with King's Helm), and either Brightwing (for the mass healing) or Tamsin Roame (for the healing denial + recurrent taunters).


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