90% Winrate Nifty Aggro

Last updated 4 months ago
  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 18900
  • Your Cost 18900
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Miss cards are:

3 Samara

3 elegant edge

1 all out

3 piroette

Fully tested into snipers, meta decks, and jank

This list absolutely destroys everyone, pro players and noobs alike.

Ain't nothing stopping this list

Don't be mad just accept the Nifty meta

We've been over this you can snipe all you want that shit has to work on ladder where what happens when you don't double draw your combo?

Like you guys are so bad it's actually funny I'm giving you a gift wrapped 90% winrate deck and you're like but my jank, look how hard I high rolled my jank?

Surely that proves something?

No it proves you're bronze not masters

Like in order for your combo to work you have to draw 2 glaves and 2 Champs, that essentially a one in 10 game scenario so 10% combo reliability

Do.the math on your garbage plz

I'm talking about 56% winrates in bad players hands 90% winrate in mine despite salty snipers

What have you done?

Like youre trying sooooo hard to counter me you're using predict dmg reduction?

Like what?

What of you just get quietused instead of challenged, what about mystic, what about avalanche, what about every other deck in the entire game?

Sniping isn't hard beating an entire loby with your big dick is hard

Jesus and you'll say oooh I'll just burst in response, can you burst a 4 dmg flock for 1 mana?

Didn't think so

This is why I hate jank players they think that winning one game is the same as going 9/10 against snipers everyday its like no if your decks were good you would play them instead of pull them out of your shitty ass randomly to prove that you're bad at the game

Akshan strike spam hasn't ever been a real deck, jamming another glave stick while an improvement doesn't stop the decks weaknesses. 

Namely that it doesn't actually do anything into 90% of the deck roster.

Like God forbid you run into a darkness player or something and you're like plz oh plz Mr player don't use your infinite number or removal spells to kill my only 2 wincons in the deck, let me build them up real big so I can go off with my combo....oh wait they are dead nevermind.

Let me just draw more and slow roll them again, wait they are dead too nvm. Maybe this deck is bad of it loses to darkness.

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    Wait, did you start streaming? When did that happen?


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