Marvel Snap Cards

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Polaris Card ImageOn Reveal: Move an opposing 1 or 2-Cost card to this location. Professor X Card ImageOngoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.) Psylocke Card ImageOn Reveal: Next turn, you get +1 Energy. Quake Card ImageOn Reveal: If this is at the middle location, swap the positions of each location. Quicksilver Card ImageStarts in your opening hand. Quinjet Card ImageOngoing: Cards that didn’t start in your deck cost 1 less. (minimum 1) Red Guardian Card ImageOn Reveal: You must play a card here next turn. Red Skull Card ImageOngoing: Enemy cards at this location have +1 Power. Rescue Card ImageOn Reveal: If you play a card here next turn, +5 Power. Rhino Card ImageOn Reveal: Ruin this location. (remove its ability) Rocket Raccoon Card ImageOn Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +2 Power. Rockslide Card ImageOn Reveal: Shuffle 2 Rocks into your opponent’s deck. Rogue Card ImageOn Reveal: Steal an Ongoing ability from a random enemy card at this location. Ronan the Accuser Card ImageOngoing: +2 Power for each card in your opponent’s hand. Sabretooth Card ImageWhen this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0. Sandman Card ImageOngoing: Players can only play 1 card a turn. Sauron Card ImageOn Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards in your hand and deck. Scarlet Witch Card ImageOn Reveal: Replace this location with a random new one. Scorpion Card ImageOn Reveal: Afflict cards in your opponent’s hand with -1 Power. Sentinel Card ImageOn Reveal: Add another Sentinel to your hand. Sera Card ImageOngoing: Cards in your hand cost 1 less. (minimum 1) Shadow King Card ImageOn Reveal: Set all cards here to their original base Power. Shang-Chi Card ImageOn Reveal: Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power. Shanna the She-Devil Card ImageOn Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location. She-Hulk Card ImageCosts 1 less for each unspent Energy last turn. Shocker Card Image Shuri Card ImageOn Reveal: If you play your next card here, double its Power. Silk Card ImageWhen either player draws a card, set its cost to 6. Silver Sable Card ImageYou can only play this at a location where you have 6+ total Power. Silver Samurai Card ImageWhen this is discarded from your hand, draw a card. Silver Surfer Card ImageOn Reveal: Give your other 3-Cost cards +2 Power. Snowguard Card ImagePassive: While in your hand, this transforms each turn into a Hawk or Bear.