One Piece Odyssey Gets New Gameplay & Combat Details

Originally announced during the opening event of Summer Game Fest, One Piece Odyssey has now released a developer diary video showcasing more concretely what the JRPG has in store for players.

Key points:

  • Two characters original to the game will show up – Adio and Lim.
  • Switch between Straw Hat Crew characters on a whim in order to navigate the environment.
  • Each member has a unique ability, like being able to cross gaps, destroying obstacles or crawling through tiny spaces.
  • Opponents roam the map, but you can avoid fighting them if you wish.
  • Battles are turn-based, selecting one ability per turn.
  • Bigger battles are divided into smaller battles – each crew member faces a different opponent and you switch between encounters, fighting in more places at the same time.
  • Randomly, a battle can trigger a ‘Dramatic Scene’ – for example, a Dramatic Scene might make Shanji unable to attack because… he is surrounded by women.

One Piece Odyssey is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and launches this year.

Are you looking forward to One Piece Odyssey? How do you feel about the turn-based combat system? Let us know in the comments below!

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