Our giveaways for Ashes of Outland concluded last night and we've got winners to announce! We had 664 valid entrants with 46420 valid entries, less than our last major giveaway though this one was much shorter.

Profile headers will be going out within the next week, so don't panic if you don't have them immediately.

  • Congratulations to Haffax733 for winning the Grand Prize on-site giveaway. You have been sent a private message on the site.
  • Congratulations to Snowjack1337 for winning the Twitter giveaway. You have been sent a direct message on Twitter.

Runner-up Winners

100 lucky community members are receiving the exclusive "Servant of Illidan" forum title and profile theme! These are never going to be earned again.

MatheusGb, LukeRush, HolyBlep, Caleb, Zanzi69, silverwolf, YourPrivateNightmare, Elfensilver, Sloth2870, SourPatchKid, GuraySoul, TheManuz, lolsen, Oxxyria, DoubleSummon, MihneaK, TheGrimPaladin, CivilKobold, Harpomandrake, PipoHs, Tarmak, Mizaru, sampaiodias, HighVoltagez, dedidedi, Rhoa, Knalle, HentaiLover, ssaabbuu, Sestor, Peepopo, scm288, PatTheFace, kkiiuu, Meneldor, Judgement, Intersectional-sofa, KANSAS, DomKong, MarcoHS, Velen, GoliathTheDwarf, Joda, Brandon, BrosefStylin, Monkshow, Vino, NegativeNemsy, ppvela, Bulbazak, Orrien, oggiedoggie, RenoLord, Berilio, BaconM45, HULKbiceps, awkwar, Car, Mahobear8, MiniCraftlerMC, Alfayx, hawanasee, SithLordOfSnark, Drageren, Vekser, FritsNMae, MoonEevee, Aenarion, Tudor98, Shivershine, Dorkpork, grandmalta, dracobk201, meisterz39, Synnr7, HearthAttakk, ShadowsOfSense, eazy, exe121, VIVEc, CrDave, Caro, Voltaire27, Echo, RogereJ, DescentOfDragonsOp, jalex, Osh92, Kurgan, Xarkkal, Renoroc, Vithaliy, Gosphor, Ardin, meneznas, Nona, Suchti0352, linkblade91, kramerofboandls, icyjules

Devoted Outlander

If you voted and commented on every single card, you are getting a special new title - "Devoted Outlander"! 19 people in total are receiving this title. Congratulations to:

economicaooc, YourPrivateNightmare, Emptyness, Horus, DoubleSummon, linkblade91, Xarkkal, liontail, Erodos, Guenh, Almaniarra, Meteorite12, Draketh, Elfensilver, KANSAS, PLANETCRUNCH, Vandaren, Brandon, Haffax733

We'll continue doing a new title for this every expansion, so be sure to share your thoughts on new cards as they're getting revealed so it isn't such a burden at the end of reveals! I opted to give a tiny bit of wiggle room here, so if you only missed a couple of cards, understandably easy considering how bad our system is for this, you were also granted the title.

Community Compendium

The compendium will go live on April 6. If you haven't voted on cards yet, I highly recommend you do so by visiting the Ashes of Outland guide to find all the cards easily. Your votes will make our community predictions even better!

Our Thoughts on Ashes of Outland

We're going to be putting out articles all the way up until the expansion launch to share our thoughts on the new cards. You can find the first of those articles over here.