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Serpentshrine Portal Card Image

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So that's where Medivh left it.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

An odd time for a Karazhan callback, but it isn't an unwelcome one. I very much enjoyed the Portals back when they were first introduced to us, and this seems like a solid addition to the roster.

Unsurprisingly, your average 3-Cost minion is about 3/3 in stats, maybe edging to 3/4, though you can certainly roll high with cards like King Mukla or Injured Blademaster. Even assuming that average case, a 3 mana 3/4 which deals 3 damage is well worth the (1) Overload. This is just a very solid card; a little bit of highroll-lowroll potential packed around a decent enough baseline effect.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this card pop up in a few lists that aren't hyperfocused on synergy (like Battlecry Shaman, for example).

Marshspawn Card Image

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The fifth floor corridor is now its domain.

Quote From Noxious

Elementals are making a comeback for Shaman in Ashes of Outland, but they're not the same elementals you know! Their effect has shifted from "if you played an elemental last turn" to "if you cast a spell last turn". This change is great. You no longer have to drag along elementals you're not very interested in just to be able to keep your battlecries working from one turn to another.

Marshspawn is good. The stats are great for its cost (and makes the minion still worth playing even if you can't pull off its battlecry), and the effect helps you keep on top of the battle with powerful card generation through the discover mechanic. Overall, a solid minion with a solid effect, no gimmicks included.

Totemic Reflection Card Image

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Despite everything, it's still you.

Quote From Noxious

If Totem Shaman was a deck that could actually preform, then this card would be great. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case. That is not to say this card is terrible. You can clone a totem with it, ending up with two 2/4 minions on the board. If you cloned the taunt totem, you can call this a discount Feral Spirit.

Unfortunately, if you're not looking to clone your totems, this card is a +2/+2 that costs a bit too much. Sadly, Earthen Might is rotating to Wild when Totemic Reflection comes out, but if you compare the two, Earthen Might does a lot more for a lot less. The totem cloning aspect of this card drags it down, and makes it feel worse to play in decks that aren't trying to build their strategy around totems.

Bogstrok Clacker Card Image

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Never raid with a Bogstrok; they're always chitin.

Quote From Noxious

Lovely card for an aggro deck. I can definitely see it being used in Murloc Shaman, turning those murlocs into stronger, more durable murlocs. With Corrupt the Waters, things can get even crazier. This guy costs only 3 mana, so it leaves a lot of room to further improve those minions you just transformed. Throw an Explosive Evolution or two into the mix as well! This clacker does what Master of Evolution did, but better.

Vivid Spores Card Image

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"Dude, are we dead?" // "Nah, bro, it's just the spores".

Quote From Noxious

Intensely powerful. Imagine casting this spell on your minions, then dropping Teron Gorefiend on the board. Thank C'thun Shamans only have one class minion with a deathrattle, else we'd be in big trouble. With a properly set up board, there's very few effective counters to this spell, and of course, Priest has most of them.

I would not be surprised if this card's mana cost gets nerfed up to 6 in the first batch of nerfs once Ashes comes out. If someone can find an effective deck that leans on this spell, it has the potential of making it into the meta.

Torrent Card Image

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She'll kill your minion just as soon as she finds the right link.

Quote From Demonxz95

Here's our mana cheater of the set. 8 damage is enough to kill most things in the game, so this will usually just function as a removal. It's comparable to Flame Lance, which is a terrible card balanced by the golden animation. This is simply just better in every way. The condition is not really that difficult either. All you have to do is just cast a spell. That's it. Just cast a spell. Just. One. Spell. If it comes to the worst, you can even cast Torrent for its full mana cost, then cast your second Torrent for its discounted cost and kill two things.

I'm not sure what home it will find its way into (if it does), but if it does, then it's sure to be strong there. It's a shame that Spirit of the Frog is rotating (where this would be quite useful), but perhaps it can find another way to shine.

Boggspine Knuckles Card Image

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Any old weapon will do, don't be shellfish.

Quote From Noxious

Evolve called, and it wants its effect back! This weapon is dangerous. Besides a good statline, it has the power to refresh your board with [usually] stronger minions not once, but twice. This allows you to do some good trades, then once you attack, you get a new set of minions, with full health and their own dangerous effects ready to go. With Shaman having very few deathrattle options in its class sets, this weapon can help you turn those minions that have already cast their battlecries into new minions, which might have a deathrattle here and there, maybe an end of turn effect, or just some extra taunt or lifesteal.

Will it see play? Maybe. It all depends on whether it's worth rolling the dice on the minions you have on the board. You could always end up with a Chromatic Egg out of your Flamewreathed Faceless!

Shattered Rumbler Card Image

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It went to therapy and hasn't hurt itself in weeks!

Quote From Noxious

Interesting. Good stats, and a battlecry that will knock an aggro deck into next week. Looking forward to see Control Shaman drop this on Aggro Shaman and watch those murlocs disappear into the void.

This card seems like a clear "hearthstone lore" successor to Rumbling Elemental. Both cards have their own uses, and even though the effect sounds similar, it is anything but. Personally, I believe Shattered Rumbler to be much stronger, and its effect much more reliable. Sure, it can't deal face damage, but this is not a card you keep in a deck where you're looking for maximum face damage potential.

Aside from its effect, its stats also complement the counter-aggro vibe this card is giving. It's a tough minion to remove, and after its battlecry is spent, your opponent might be at least a minion or two down, which will make Shattered Rumbler even stickier.

Lady Vashj Card Image

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Vashj Prime Card Image

If you're not sure what to play, she'll spell it out for you.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

3 mana 4/3 with Spell Damage +1? That's a little bit above rate already, compared to cards like Soot Spewer and Black Cat. That you get the further power of the Deathrattle minion is all upside from there.

The Prime version is a very solid way to refuel in the lategame - Midrange and Control decks will love being able to draw more answers to the opponent's board, especially ones that get buffed by Vashj herself. That she reduces their cost isn't even really necessary, but is certainly a welcome bonus - means you can drop her on curve and still potentially have some cards you can use with her that turn. Lightning Storm and the new Serpentshrine Portal come to mind as great cards to pull from her.

Like many of the other Primes, this card is just strong. I'd be happy to run this in all but the most combo heavy of Shaman decks - even Aggro Shamans will love this aggressive combination of stats and Spell Damage.

The Lurker Below Card Image

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Though Shaman above might say hello // Expect no love from The Lurker Below

Quote From Noxious

When I first saw this card, I remembered Waste Warden, and then I remembered Herald of Flame. I believe our Lurker here will see play moreso than Waste Warden, even if it has the disadvantage of only being available to Shamans. The effect can be targeted, and it doesn't discriminate by tribe. It can be very effective if set up properly.

Now, the stats on this card are not as great. The three health means it's most likely not going to last another turn. This card might spend a lot of time in hand while the right opportunity to play it arises. Lightning Storm is a cheaper alternative, and with a spell damage totem in play, it'll do far better than The Lurker. The only way this could surpass Lightning Storm, in my opinion, would be if its battlecry was doubled via Corrupt the Waters, enabling it to take out a big minion as its first target.