Summer Game Fest Day 2: Netflix Geeked Week 2022 Live Recap

We’re back for day 2 of Summer Game Fest! Our first reveal stream is Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming which promises to announce both games and shows being made by Netflix. We’re not sure what to expect either!

While we’re a games website, we will report on any shows Netflix announces this stream in order to provide a thorough recap of the entire event.

1899 (New show from the creators of DARK)

  • Short featurette shown before the official start time of the stream.
  • 1899 was filmed on a state-of-the-art stage in Germany where there’s what I can only describe as a huge curved screen.
  • They use the screen to project backgrounds like the ocean or the desert in real-time, circumventing the need for a green screen.
  • The VFX for the show is being rendered in Unreal Engine.

Stream Intro

  • Geeked Week 2022 is live!
  • Mari Takahashi and Geoff Keighley are presenting from green-screen world.
  • Games based on shows being announced
  • Mobile games coming to Netflix.

Dragon Age Absolution (Show)

  • From Bioware, a Netflix animated series!
  • Magic, fancy golden architecture.
  • Dragon Age Absolution! Coming 2022.

Tekken: Bloodline (Show)

  • Coming 2022
  • The story of Tekken is the longest recorded story in gaming so far.

Shadow & Bone: Destinies (Game)

  • Narrative RPG.
  • Created by Chimera Entertainment.

Too Hot To Handle (Game)

  • Actual real game, coming on Netflix.
  • Dating sim. Innuendos, romance, plot twists. You know what this is.
  • Too Hot To Handle currently has 3 seasons.

La Casa De Papel (Game)

  • Made by Killasoft
  • Comic book art-style
  • Sneak by cameras, crawl through vents, hack security systems, knock out security guards. Feels like Deus Ex.
  • It’s all about the heists.

Queen’s Gambit (Game)

  • Enter the world of Queen’s Gambit.
  • Developed by Ripstone.
  • It’s… chess.
  • Play against opponents online or against characters from the show.
  • You can play in Beth’s house, the orphanage, Las Vegas.
  • Puzzles, challenges to be a feature.

The Cuphead Show! (Show)

  • Now streaming on Netflix.
  • More episodes dropping on August 19th.

Lucky Luna (Game)

  • Developed by Snowman (Scape City).
  • Original, brand-new game for Netflix.
  • Vertical pixel platformer. Story set around uncovering Luna’s past.
  • Hidden dungeons, mythical temples.
  • Story inspired by Japanese folktale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”.
  • Swipe to move Luna around.
  • Dodge enemies, collect pearls.
  • Endless mode: Players compete to collect the most pearls or reach the furthest point.
  • Coming this summer!

Desta: The Memories Between (Game)

  • Already revealed yesterday. Roguelike, sports-themed platformer.
  • Your abilities change from run to run.
  • Will be releasing on Netflix.
  • Developed by UsTwo.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms (Game)

  • Original game could be described as “Tinder for monarchs”.

Terra Nil (Game)

  • Strategy building game with an emphasis on the climate crisis.
  • Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise.
  • Save the environment and get to turn your buildings into an airship, leaving nature to its devices.


  • Dodge the blue beast. Grab fruit. Feed aforementioned beast.
  • Platformer where you just keep jumping up, presumably for infinity.
  • Available right now. Available on the Netflix app.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Show)

  • New teaser.
  • Season 3 dropping on August 11th.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures (Game)

  • Wild things are in trouble
  • Match-3 gameplay.
  • Wild Things: Animal Adventures.
  • Help these cute beasts restore their wildland by matching gems.
  • Comes out later this month.

Sonic Prime (Show)

  • An incredible twist thrusts Sonic into a new adventure.
  • The fate of the multiverse rests in his hands.
  • He’s on a quest to save his friends.
  • Premieres later in 2022.

Games Making their Mobile debut exclusively on Netflix:

Castlevania: Nocturne (Show)

  • Castlevania spinoff! Richter Belmont name-drop.
  • Takes place during the French Revolution
  • Currently in production, probably slated for a 2023 release.
  • By the end of the year, Netflix will have over 50 games on its platform.

Ridiculously Edited Trailer of Upcoming Games on Netflix

  • This trailer was fast. Here’s what we caught .3 second glimpses at:
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Immortality
  • Nailed It! – Baking Bash
  • Hello Kitty! game
  • Oxenfree
  • Kentucky Route Zero

That’s it for the Netflix stream! Next up, The Epic Games Store Summer Showcase is starting! You can read out live recap here.