New GOG Sale on Square Enix and JRPG Games

A short while after their summer sale came to and end, GOG is back with a new sale for games from Square Enix and JRPG Games that celebrate the Moon Festival!

  • Square Enix deals go up to 89% off.
  • There’s 42 items on sale.
  • Moon Festival deals go up to 80% off.
  • There’s 384 items on sale, most of which are DLC.

Square Enix Notable Deals

There’s quite a bunch of great games you can grab for a handful of pennies in this deal, like most of the Tomb Raider franchise (the 2013 one being $3.99) or any game from the Deus Ex franchise. The most expensive title in this bundle is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition, currently valued at a ‘whopping’ $6.79.

Other notable entries include the Thief and Legacy of Kain franchises, the first two Just Cause games and the Dungeon Siege Collection, which includes three games and an expansion, all bundled up for $5.

deus ex mankind divided
The mechs are pain to deal with, but the rest of the game is not!

Moon Festival Notable Deals

This one’s certainly a bit more difficult to unpack, considering the insane amount of DLC that’s on the list! You can grab Metal Gear Solid for $7.49, or get your sludge on with a large selection or METAL SLUG games.

This sale is pricier than Square Enix’s, but there’s still some valuable discounts to be found. Treasure Hunter Claire is available for $8.39 (half-price) while Saya no Uta – The Song of Saya Director’s Cut is up for just $6.29. The creepy Little Nightmares can be claimed in exchange for $11.99.

metal gear solid
Hiding behind stuff seems to be a theme today.

As always, prices may vary based on your region. Here’s the links to the sales:

The Square Enix sale runs for seven days, while the Moon Festivale sale lasts eight, so there’s plenty of time to really dig into them.

Anything pique you interest in these sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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