Civitatem Releases August 1

Civitatem releases August 1, 2022 on Steam! The release date was announced today along with its pricing – buying it on launch will come with a 10% discount ($12.99 / £10.29 / €12.99)

Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you manage a settlement while fending off raiders, nature and god knows what other shenanigans.

The graphics may look like they belong in late 2000s mobile games, but the game design seems solid and may provide a fun experience!

The Overview

Let’s dig into some of Civitatem’s features. First of all, maps are procedurally generated, ensuring no two playthroughs will be the same. Dynamic events such as quakes, storms, diseases and attacks will certainly contribute to that. The game also employs a season system, meaning temperatures will drop come winter and floods may destroy your infrastructure when spring drops.

In terms of villagers, they need what you’d generally expect from a game of this genre: Food, water, shelter and medicine. They can also be educated through the research system, developing new technologies. Seems that books can be acquired to speed this process up, either through trading or [I’d assume] through raiding helpless scholars.

Exploration, trading and diplomacy are another major component of the game. Send scouts to discover new villages and other POIs, trade in order to advance your own settlement and sign treaties to keep yourself safe. Overall, there seems to be a lot of depth to the gameplay so I’m looking forward to see how far people can push their settlements.

civitatem august 1
Look at all that ore and cobble!

The game is being developed by LW Games and will be available on Steam for PC starting August 1st. It is currently playable in Early Access.

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