Making the Most of World of Warcraft’s Bonus XP Event

The Winds of Wisdom buff is active for the next two weeks, giving a 50% bonus XP to all players’ characters in the level 10-59 bracket! As of this morning, the bonus is active in all regions.

While there’s certainly optimized paths you can take to avoid spending a single extra second leveling, there’s several opportunities to farm for expensive world drops, get transmog that’s only available for low-level characters and so much more.

Before we get into the specifics, some general tips:

  • If you’re a brand-new player, you’ll be shoe-horned into Battle for Azeroth content until level 50.
  • At level 50, everyone’s leveling path takes them to the Shadowlands, the most recent expansion.
  • If you already have a level 60 character, you can access Chromie Time, which turns level scaling on for an old expansion of your choice.
  • You can find Chromie in Orgrimmar and Stormwind (go to the hourglass on the map).
  • Remember to equip heirlooms if you have any!
  • If you’re a Monk, remember to do your daily quest in Kun-Lai Summit (accessed through the Zen Pilgrimage teleport ability) to get a rested XP bonus.

The rest of this article addresses things you can do while in Chromie Time, which means you can’t do most of these activities as a new player until you have a level 60 character.

winds of wisdom buff

Island Expeditions

One of Battle for Azeroth’s [mostly] abandoned systems, Island Expeditions are mindless grinds where a group of three players sail to an island and then kill the things they find there until a meter fills up.

Why would you bother doing something to mind-numbingly boring? Because of the rewards, of course. Each successful completion of Island Expeditions awards some Seafarer’s Doubloons which can be exchanged for pets, toys, mounts, transmog and reputation tokens. Some are quite pricy (an Albatross mount is 1000x Doubloons), so this is definitely one of those long-term grinds you’re better off spreading across your characters.

Additionally, you can get random drops from the island. They’re pets, toys, mounts, transmog and quest items that are different from what you can directly buy with doubloons.

You can, however, buy Salvage Crates (for a hefty Doubloon price), which contain a random piece of loot that drops from Islands.

island expeditions

The Burning Crusade World Drops

When it comes to world drops, none are more valuable on average than those from The Burning Crusade, WoW’s first expansion. Transmog-wise, there’s a big amount of items in the world drop pool that don’t share appearances with anything else (compared to, say, Wrath of the Lich King where most appearances can be found on 5-20 different items).

Aside from transmog, TBC is littered with various profession recipes whose drop chance is so low they’re certain to make a profit on the auction house. It’s probably a good time to mention that transmog and recipes aren’t fast sellers, but they do eventually sell.

In order to maximize your chances of getting these rare drops, you should queue into the random dungeon finder. Dungeons have a much higher chance of netting rare world drops than just doing the (extremely boring and tedious) quests in Outland.

Additionally, you can get leveling-exclusive transmog from the Otherwordly Satchel of Helpful Goods you get for completing a random dungeon. If you’re a completionist, you’ll want to take advantage of this.

burning crusade random dungeon finder


While Battlegrounds are certainly inferior to random dungeons in terms of XP gain per hour, you do get a Crate of Battlefield Goods for winning, which (just like random dungeons) nets you exclusive transmog that you can’t acquire once you’re max level.

You also get Honor, which can be exchanged for PvP gear at level 60, or 5 Marks of Honor at 2000x Honor a pop. Marks of Honor are used to buy PvP gear from previous seasons (for transmog purposes) or, in BFA, Rank 2 & 3 recipes for PvP gear (if your profession is able to make said gear).

random battleground reward


While it’s hard to decide which is more infamous – Shadowlands of Warlords of Draenor – we can all agree WoD’s leveling experience was great. If you’re looking for a simple questing adventure where you don’t need to kill 30 Boulderfist Ogres for just one quest, going to Draenor might be your best option.

Additionally, you can start work on your Garrison. While most of the Garrison’s features (especially gold-making) were nerfed, there’s still lots of achievements, pets, mounts and toys to get from investing in your Garrison.

Oh god.


Regarded as the best modern expansion WoW’s had, Legion is still a great place to spend your time. Class Order Halls are still the best implementation of the mobile game Mission Table mechanic, the expansion is filled to the brim with content and it also gives you access to Artifact Weapons.

Artifact Weapons – while severely nerfed at the end of Legion, in 2018 – are still a great investment. They act as a heirloom, their power scaling with your level, so you can forget having to upgrade your weapon every few levels. They’re also great transmog pieces.

legion artifact appearances
Yep, four pages of weapon appearances. Per class.

There’s certainly lots more you can do to optimize your leveling. If you’re on your fifth, sixth or thirteenth character, you probably already have an idea of what you want to target.

If you want to see everything you still have to do in old content zones, I’d suggest downloading the All The Things addon. Remember to tinker with its settings so it only tracks things you’re interesting in, after which simply using the /att command will open a menu where you can find all the things you’re looking for.

The Winds of Wisdom buff lasts for roughly two weeks, until Shadowlands Season 4 begins on the 2nd of August. Are you going to take advantage of this boost? How are you planning to do that? Let us know in the comments below!

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