Free Epic Games Store Titles: Week 29

This week we’ve got 1.5 titles rather than two, with Tannenberg up for grabs as well as a giveaway bundle in Shop Titans.


Tannenberg is a squad-based multiplayer FPS that takes place on the eastern front during World War 1. It supports up to 64 players (or 40 on consoles) and the gameplay is split into three game modes:

  • Maneuver: Basically Domination. Capture sectors, gain control points.
  • Attrition Warfare: Team-based Last Man Standing. Each team has a limited amount of respawns.
  • Rifle Deathmatch: FFA Deathmatch. Choose a rifle and an add-on at the start of the game and earn enough points to win.

Shop Titans

Make no mistake, Shop Titans is already a free-to-play game. All players who log into Shop Titans through the Epic Games Store this week and achieve level 8 will receive a giveaway package which includes some blueprints, decorations, currency and crafting materials.

While technically not incorrect to put Shop Titans under the ‘Free Games’ category of the Epic Games Store even if it is permanently free, it does feel a bit like a bait & switch sometimes, doesn’t it? We have no reason to complain about getting games for free, but the way Shop Titans is framed can make you believe the game won’t be free-to-play next week.

A bit too targeted for kids, for a game with lots of microtransactions, isn’t it?

Next week we’ll be able to claim Lawn Mowing Simulator for free, so make sure to be on the lookout next Thursday if you’re into using power tools to fight nature!

Are you going to pick up Tannenberg? Let us know in the comments below!