Releasing Today – HOSTLIGHT on Steam

HOSTLIGHT is releasing today! The game is available for purchase on Steam and to celebrate the launch it’s currently 20% off, coming in at £9.11 (price may vary based on your region).

The puzzle game has you exploring a mysterious tower and completing the puzzles contained within using light & shadow. Mix & match colors, use mirrors to direct light beams and topple columns to create a chain reaction.

hostlight red beam

You won’t be alone on your journey, as robot companion The Guide will help you out as well as fill you in on some story (who are The Builders?). At this point I reckon “puzzle game + robot narrator” is pretty much a genre in and of itself, so this could be a hit for fans of Portal who’ve been craving a game with a similar feel.

The game was developed by ESDIP_GAMES (an art school in Madrid!) and published by SelectaPlay.

hostlight hint

Will you be playing HOSTLIGHT? Let us know in the comments below!