Sphere – Flying Cities Gets Release Date

Sphere – Flying Cities, which has been in Early Access for a while now, has an official release date: 20th September 2022!

Sphere is a dystopian sci-fi city builder that has you in charge of humanity’s last bastion – a floating city! Protect your people by maintaining the anti-gravity generator, supplying food, healthcare and shelter, harvesting resources and constructing buildings to improve your tech.

As for the premise, developer Hexagon Sphere Games puts it best:

“Inspired by James Blish’s novel “City in Flight”, Sphere – Flying Cities employs a distinct mix of strategy, survival, and city-building simulation elements. Players are put in the position of Commander, whose sole purpose is to maintain order and see to the survival of mankind. In the near future, the planet is thrown into turmoil when Earth’s moon is struck by a colossal asteroid. In the wake of this destruction, the world’s surface is rendered totally uninhabitable. Facing complete annihilation, humanity makes one final and desperate attempt to survive — thanks to newly-created anti-gravity technology, the first (and likely final) faction of flying cities ascends as the ultimate bastion of the human race.”

Flying Cities is definitely giving me strong Frostpunk vibes, albeit with a slightly less depressing, sci-fi setting than Frostpunk’s absolute misery parade (I really enjoyed the game but the cold can get to you as easy as it gets to your people!).

Sphere – Flying Cities launches on the 20th of September this year and will be available on Steam and GOG. It is also available now in Early Access.

Are you excited to build a floating city? Let us know in the comments below!