Free Epic Games Store Titles: Week 30

Epic Games have refreshed their selection of free games for this week and we’ve got a new, singular title you can pick up from now until August 4th: Lawn Mowing Simulator!

Lawn Mowing Simulator is pretty straightforward: You mow lawns. Naturally, they look a lot more deliciously clear-cut in the game than the result you’d get in real life, so in a way, it’s even better than the real deal!

Mow through the entire Great British countryside with authentic, licensed lawn mowers (who knew lawn mower companies get gaming money?). Complete contracts, mod your mower with attachments, build your own business (hire people, advertise, do finances) and more. It’s basically a crash course into starting a mowing business in Britain.

Come August 11, Lawn Mowing Simulator will no longer be free but will be replaced with Unrailed!, a game that looks like an isometric Minecraft where your main shtick is getting a bigger and badder wagon; but, more on that next week!

Will you be picking up Lawn Mowing Simulator? Already played it? Let us know in the comments below!