Free Epic Games Store Title For Week 31: Unrailed!

Another Thursday, another refresh, this time bringing us Unrailed!, a railroad construction game where you and your team build a train track across procedurally-generated worlds!

Unrailed! is a co-op game which can be enjoyed both online and locally (there’s also single player with AI friends). There is only one tool of each type, so you have to rely on your team members and coordinate in order to survive.

Survive? Your train can catch fire, there’s lava, weather effects, thieving enemies; no one said it would be easy! The train moves at a set speed, which means you’re under the stress of time as you rush to build the rail before the train falls off the track; because the track, you know, ends.

Unrailed! is free to claim until next Thursday on the Epic Games Store.

Overall, it looks like a fun, engaging and adrenaline-fueled experience to enjoy with friends or against friends. Next week we’ll have ‘Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!’ up for grabs, so if you’re into cooking games, I’ll see you on Thursday!

Planning to get your train tracks on with Unrailed!? Already spent some time in the pixel dimension? Let us know in the comments below!