We've had some time for the dust to settle from the last patch, but did it really change the meta that much? Honestly, not a whole lot. There are still plenty of other popular decks to try in the meantime. I also wanted to take a look at some of the most popular cards being played right now since Mobalytics recently introduced their meta stats data.

We're also holding a small giveaway to celebrate our site's birthday - more details on that below.

Most Popular Champion Combinations

Here are some winning combinations. Do you have favorite pair of Champions to build around? Let us know in the comments section!

Heimerdinger Card Image Vi Card Image

Nautilus Card Image Maokai Card Image

Miss Fortune Card Image Sejuani Card Image

Most Popular Cards

It's not a surprise to see removal and disruption at the top of the list because they can fit into nearly every deck. What's your favorite non-Champion card?

Mystic Shot Card Image Single Combat Card Image Will of Ionia Card Image

Most Popular Decks

If you like Control decks, this should be right up your alley. It's got tons of removal, endless value with Heimerdinger, and heavy hits with Vi!

Sea Monsters have been a huge (literally) favorite since Rising Tides launched. Who doesn't like slamming 50 points of damage into their opponent in one round or milling their entire deck?

Vladimir has been showing up in more decks since he was buffed last patch. Now it seems he has become buddies with Sejuani and they are wreaking havoc on Runeterra!

Out of Cards Birthday Celebration Giveaway

In addition to the Twitter giveaway that we're holding right now, we're doing one right here too!

To enter, we want to know what your favourite champion in Legends of Runeterra is and we want to know which deck you're using them in. To enter:

  • Add your deck to the site via our deckbuilder. Give it a descriptive name!*
  • Tell us down below in the comments here what your favourite champion is and then show us the deck you uploaded. Tell us your favourite part of the deck. (Link to it by using the deck's BBCode found on the deck's page)

If your favourite champion is in a deck already on the site that you're playing, you may link to that deck instead of creating a new one.

Prizes? Wouldn't be a giveaway without them!

  • 1 lucky winner will receive $25 USD worth of Riot Coins. (Payable through PayPal if outside of North America)
  • 3 runner-up prizes are available - 30-day Out of Cards Premium memberships!

This giveaway ends on June 8. We'll contact you by private message if you win and your name will be included in a future giveaway winner announcement article.

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