You've probably noticed that we're celebrating the site's first birthday this week, and I thought that a fittingly Wild celebration would be spotlighting decks that have only one copy of each card - Highlander decks! And since everyone is welcome to celebrate with us, I've included community-made decks from all 10 classes.

Don't forget all the giveaways we're running! In addition to free-to-take forum titles & profile banners, we have on-site (and Twitter!) giveaways related to Magic Arena and Legends of Runeterra as well. We might have something Wild as well...but you'll have to wait until the end of this post to find out.

Control Demon Hunter

Not all Demon Hunters are mere aggression, as this deck from HedgehogSpike shows. With the strength of Tempo decks, it's easy to forget that the class does have some good control tools in cards like Immolation Aura and Chaos Nova as well.

Malygos OTK Druid

You can see quite easily from the decklist that shenanigans are about to happen, there's just a ton of Mana cheat going on. Streamer Roffle is being credited as the creator of this list by frosthearth.

Control Hunter

Remember Deathstalker Rexxar? Hearthcasual sure does. What wouldn't the Standard players give to have that value engine available to them.

N'Zoth Control Mage

If you thought Siamat was a pretty good card already, imagine how good it is with un-silenceable Lifesteal from Frost Lich Jaina? In addition to the Elemental heal, Tumbleweedovski has included a handful of Taunts for N'Zoth to resurrect.

Aggro Paladin

What's better than a good fun deck? A good fun deck with a flavorful story! RavenSunHS channels the power of Arabian Nights to defeat the evil Jafars of the ladder with this Paladin list.

Togwaggle Priest

Zergoras's deck isn't just a Dragon-centric Razakus list, as it also has the potential to steal your opponent's deck if you feel like it. Don't forget to hold on to Murozond the Infinite until your opponent's plays King's Ransom if you want to go the Togwaggle way.

Deathrattle Rogue

Da Undatakah isn't going anywhere in Gam3rPr0's deck, as Anub'arak's Deathrattle keeps bringing him back to your hand. If you want even more value, let Aya Blackpaw or Jade Swarmer die before him as well.

Evolve Shaman

Lots of ways to Evolve your underwhelmingly statted minions in this deck! As you can only run one copy of each spell as Highlander, Lat included Krag'wa, the Frog to gain access to more copies of them.

Malygos Warlock

With Frizz Kindleroost making your numerous Dragons cheaper and Emperor Thaurissan making all your cards cheaper, there's quite a lot of burst damage available in GulDaniel's list through the Malygos combo.

Pirate Warrior

We have crossed a terrible threshold: there are enough good Pirates for a Highlander list. Even though the deck is mostly aiming to go face, KmemBM couldn't resist the temptation of adding Dragonqueen Alexstrasza for some value as well.

Oh right, did I promise a giveaway or something...

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