Wreckcreation Is a Brand New Open-World Driving Game From THQ Nordic

During their latest Digital Showcase, THQ Nordic announced Wreckcreation (love a good pun), an open-world racing game, with tracks totaling a length of 450,000 km (280k miles) spread over 400,000 km2 (about 150k square miles). The game will not be a simulator, opting instead for a more arcade-y feel.

Wreckfest’s main draw is the fact that you can customize the race track however you want. What’s more, you can do that in the middle of the race, for maximum chaos. You’ll be able to choose from over 30 vehicles, from a wide array of categories.

What are your impressions of Wreckcreation? Will it drive to new heights, or will it crash and burn on the way? Let us know down below.