Embracer Group Acquires a Number of Properties, Including Limited Run Games and the IP Rights to Lord of the Rings

Embracer Group have just announced a new wave of acquisitions, including some related to the video game industry. The most notable is Limited Run Games (source), who specialize in physical editions of mostly indie games.

It doesn’t stop here. They’ve also acquired:

  • The IP rights for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (source).
  • Singtrix, a company specializing in karaoke machines (source).
  • Tuxedo Labs, a Swedish studio that made the game Teardown (source).
  • Tripwire Interactive, who are behind the Chivalry series (source).
  • A Japanese studio called Tatsujin, led by the founder of arcade games studio Taoplan (which they also have the rights to).
  • Giotek, a peripherals manufaturer.
  • Bitwave Studios, another Swedish studio, this time specializing in retro games.
  • An undisclosed purchase, ranking as its third or fourth largest in this acquisition chain.

None of these acquisitions have had their price disclosed by Embracer. They also announced a new Operating Group, Freemode, which will focus on retro, classic, and heritage gaming (source, which also applies to the last 4 bullet points above). Basically, any of their studios that fall under the Freemode umbrella will be about retro gaming.

Who Is Embracer Group

So you’re probably wondering who Embracer are. They’re a multimedia conglomerate that owns a lot of studios and properties, 120 according to their own site (though this number likely wasn’t updated with today’s acquisitions). Outside of games, the also own Dark Horse comics.

The company has its headquarters in Sweden, and was founded in 2011, so it’s a relatively young entity. Some notable studios that belong to them are THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, and Gearbox Entertainment, with notable franchises being Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, Saint Row, Metro, and more.

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