Sega Reveals the Full Games Lineup for the Genesis Mini 2

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 was announced a while ago, but only part of the game library was given to us at the time. Well, we now have the rest of the games here, and we’ll take a quick look at each of them. We’ll only go over the newly confirmed titles, but you can check out our previous article on the matter for the rest of them, or check the full list at the end of the article.

In addition to the new games, the console was also confirmed to launch in the EU on October 27th, and will have the same games lineup as the NA version. Incidentally, this article will only focus on the NA/EU version of the console, as the Japanese version has a different lineup. Let’s tale a look!

Fighters and Beat’em ups

We got a few games where you beat the snot out of other people, both one on one and against a group of enemies.

Golden Axe II

The sequel to Sega’s classic arcade hack ‘n’ slash game, Golden Axe II sees you battling hordes of enemies as the axe-wielding Gilius Thunderhead, the barbarian equipped with a two-handed sword Ax Battler, and the amazon sporting a long-sword, Tyris Flare.

Final Fight CD

The Sega CD port of the classic Capcom beat-em-up that started life as a Street Fighter sequel before changing direction in what it is today. Final Fight sees you play as one of three characters, including a former pro-wrestler turned mayor, on a quest to save the mayor’s daughter from the Mad Gear Gang.

Fatal Fury 2

Classic fighting game from 1992 developed by SNK. The game boasts 8 playable characters from various parts of the world, 3 from the original Fatal Fury and 5 newcomers, as well as 4 bosses.

Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers

The 4th version of the second instalment of the series known for popularizing the fighting genre, re-releasing the same game numerous times, and having stupidly long titles. The original Street Fighter launched with 8 playable characters from various parts of the globe, a number that went up to 16 by the time this version of the game came out.

Streets of Rage 3

The third instalment in the Streets of Rage lineup, letting you play as any of the returning characters of Axel, Blaze, and Skate, along with newcomer Dr. Zan and two unlockable characters. This game offers various improvements over the previous two entries, like an in-depth story, character dialogue, and the use of weapons.


A fighter game published by Interplay Production. You play as one of 8 playable characters, such as a grumpy snowman, a piece of taffy, and a lump of clay. As the name implies, the game’s characters are all animated using claymation, where each of them was actually sculpted in real life then scanned for the game, giving it a very unique art style.

So is the snowman made of snow or clay?

Shoot’em ups

The Genesis had a pretty large number of games where you pilot a ship and shoot at enemies while avoiding their projectiles. The Genesis Mini 2 has a fairly large number of them as well.


A classic from Toaplan, you fight aliens with a wide array of weapons. Features an option to play the background music at its original speed.


Another game developed by Toaplan, this version is a remake by Masaya. Cycle through 4 different weapons to fight the mechanoids and save the galaxy.


Classic fast-paced shoot’em up from Wolf Team, where you command the Hypertek-Cannon Tank Granada to fight against powerful mechs in the future.

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Isometric shooter from EA. Play through 30 deadly missions where you raid terrorist bases with your attack helicopter.

Sewer Shark

A rail shooter where humanity was forced underground by environmental destruction and you must clear the sewers to send supplies to human outposts. The game uses FMVs for it’s gameplay, and boasts “Hollywood-tier live-action footage”. On a Genesis. Right…

Elemental Master

Representing the less-popular on-foot Shoot’Em Ups, Elemental Master sees you blasting your enemies with 5 unique magic attacks across 7 levels.

Robo Aleste

Oda Nobunaga, the first “Great Unifier” of Japan and head of the Oda Clan, gets a Gundam. Don’t really need to say more.


Another isometric shooter, this time from Sammy. You pilot a plane and destroy everything in your path, all while collecting new weapons and bombs on the way to make your attacks deadlier.

Space Harrier II

Another rail shooter, this time straight from Sega. You forgo any sort of ship to instead play as a human who can fly and shoot their way across the battlefield. The Genesis Mini 2 version seems to boast some improvements over the release for the original console, bringing it closer to the arcade version.

As Metal Wolf Chaos thought us, more political conflicts should be resolved using giant mechs

Platformers and Run ‘n Gunners

This section contains all the games that see you going from left to right while on a platform of some sort, be it by running and jumping or by running and blasting.

The Revenge of Shinobi

An action game where you play as Joe Musashi, of the then modern-day Oboro Clan, and fight against the Neo Zeed. One of the bosses in the game is a shapeshifter that turns into Spider-Man and Batman, though we don’t know if this version of the game will include these characters.

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Keeping with the modern-day ninja theme, this game will take you to New York, where you’ll traverse the city with your trusty dog Yamato. Fight an army of lizard ninjas to liberate the city from the evil Sauros.

Midnight Resistance

Run ‘n gun your way trough enemy compounds to save your kidnapped family from a drug kingpin. The game plays similarly to Contra, with the main difference being the fact that weapons are acquired at the end of the level by getting keys throughout it.

Atomic Runner

Fight off alien invaders who are here to conquer earth by running, jumping, and shooting. You have 6 different weapons and 3 levels of power-ups to choose from.


The Rahuna have invaded Homeworld, and the only thing that can stop them is a very big mecha. Use 7 different weapons and two Courier support units to blast the invaders from whence they came.

ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron

The two titular characters have accidentally infested Funkotron with Earthlings (how terrible!). Now it’s up to them to clean up their mess and set things right. You can play solo or in co-op.


You’re a star! Literally. Explore 7 unique planets with the titular character, who can stretch his arms to climb walls, grab enemies, and swing into the air.

Earthworm Jim 2

You’re a worm. You have a space suit. Your mortal enemy is a humanoid crow. You must save the princess by running and gunning through different levels.

Definitive proof that humans aren’t funky

RPGs and Strategy Games

Two genres that don’t have much in common, but which have quite a few games on the system when put together.

Phantasy Star II

Set 1000 years after the original Phantasy Star, this game was the biggest game of its time when it came to storage, being the first game to require a 6 Megabyte cartridge. It is also a long game, clocking in at 250 hours, and brought a large number of staples to the RPG series.

Herzog Zwei

The first true Real-Time Strategy game, predating the genre-popularizing Dune II by a few years. In Herzog Zwei, you control a giant mech, which you’ll use to move various buildings and units across the battlefield, and issue them orders.


One of the earliest god games, you will be able to unleash natural disasters and lead your followers to prosperity while bringing destruction to your enemies.


A tactical RPG where you control a large army and battle the evil empire to retrieve Warsong, a legendary blade. The gameplay is similar to the Fire Emblem franchise, with players being able to take part in 20 scenarios as the gallant Prince Garret.

Shining Force II

Another tactical RPG, this time focusing on a small roster of characters instead of on large armies. Explore the world and recruit allies while outside the battle, and outmaneuver the enemy while in the heat of the fight.

Crusader of Centy

Corona (the word means “Crown”, ok?) and his animal friends travel a monster-infested land in this RPG classic. Upgrade your hero to gain new powers and means of traversing the world.

“I am a god, you dull creature!”

Other Games

Those are games that don’t fall neatly into any of the categories above, or have more unique gameplay mechanics.

Gain Ground

You control a small squad of people, and your objective is to make it to the end of the level or kill all your enemies before the allotted time. You’ll swap between characters as you play across a number of time periods.

Night Trap

Yep, this is THAT game. The one where you keep your eyes on a group of teenage girls to make sure some… things don’t get to them. You’ll switch between various FMVs to find the enemies and make sure they don’t cause trouble for the girls.

Ecco the Dolphin + Ecco: The Tides of Time

Play as Ecco, a dolphin that was minding his own business when his pod got abducted by aliens. Searching for answers, he travels to Atlantis to find that the Dolphins were captured by aliens. Use Ecco’s unique abilities and his fantastic powers to traverse the ocean and save the day.


Take Pac-Man and the ability to jump over enemies and ram them from the other side of the fence. That’s Spatter. You play as a little boy on a tricycle, trying to collect flowers while avoiding and defeating enemies in cars, propeller robots and bulldozers.

Super Locomotive

A unique fast-paced arcade game that sees you switching tracks with a steam train to avoid enemies and make your way to the next station. The game has its screen split in two, and you must pay attention to both halves to succeed.

Devi & Pii

Remember Star Mobile from our previous article? Devi & Pii is in a similar situation, as there’s nothing on it out there. It seems the two games were never actually released at all, so this marks the first time those two see the light of day. This game in particular seems to have you play as a paddle, defeating demons and helping angels… somehow.

VS Puyo Puyo SUN

Puyo Puyo is a tile-matching game series that Sega has owned the rights to since 1998. This version of the game is actually the VS mode from the third game of the series, Puyo Puyo Sun, which was released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn, the Nintendo 64, and the Sony PlayStation.

What a nice, normal dolphin game

Full Game List

Here’s the full list of games coming to the Genesis Mini 2, in alphabetical order. The console clocks a total of 60 games for the EU/NA version. The games marked with * are from the Sega CD add-on, while those marked with ^ were never released for the original console.

  1. After Burner II
  2. Alien Soldier
  3. Atomic Runner
  4. Bonanza Bros.
  5. Clayfighter
  6. Crusader of Centy
  7. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
  8. Devi & Pii^
  9. Earthworm Jim 2
  10. Ecco the Dolphin*
  11. Ecco: The Tides of Time*
  12. Elemental Master
  13. Fantasy Zone^
  14. Fatal Fury 2
  15. Final Fight CD*
  16. Gain Ground
  17. Golden Axe II
  18. Granada
  19. Hellfire
  20. Herzog Zwei
  1. Lightening Force / Thunder Force IV
  2. Mansion of Hidden Souls*
  3. Midnight Resistance
  4. Night Striker*
  5. Night Trap*
  6. OutRun
  7. OutRunners
  8. Phantasy Star II
  9. Populus
  10. Rainbow Islands Extra
  11. Ranger-X
  12. Ristart
  13. Robo Aleste*
  14. Rolling Thunder 2
  15. Sewer Shark*
  16. Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
  17. Shining Force CD*
  18. Shining Force 2
  19. Shining in the Darkness
  20. Slipheed*
  1. Sonic 3D Blast
  2. Sonic CD*
  3. Space Harrier II^
  4. Spatter
  5. Splatterhouse 2
  6. Star Mobile^
  7. Streets of Rage 3
  8. Super Hang-On
  9. Super Locomotive^
  10. Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
  11. The Ninjawarriors*
  12. The Ooze
  13. The Revenge of Shinobi
  14. Toejam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron
  15. Truxton
  16. Vectorman 2
  17. Viewpoint
  18. Virtua Racing
  19. VS Puyo Puyo SUN^
  20. Warsong

What do you think of the Genesis Mini 2? Are you gonna’ buy it, or do you already have all the games you need from the countless other collections? (a 7th Sonic CD never hurt anyone) Let us know down below!