New Details on The Callisto Protocol From Gamescom’s Opening Night Live

While Gamescom opening night was filled to the brim with brand new game announcements, there were also some important updates shown for games we’ve already heard about, but haven’t been released yet. One such title, which we’ve already seen quite a bit of during Summer Game Fest, is The Callisto Protocol, the new Dead Space-like game being developed by Striking Distance Studios. The head of the studio, Glen Schofield, is the creator of Dead Space (you can read more about the two games’ relationship here).

Without further ado, here’s the new footage we received from Gamescom:

The New Stuff

Now, we’ve already seen a bit of gameplay earlier this year, so let’s see what this new trailer’s got for us:

  • Use telekinesis to grab boxes and smash them for loot, just like in ye’ ol’ Dead Space.
  • The player crouching when near a monster indicates there will be stealth mechanics present in combat.
  • That sneaky backstab certainly looks more useful than the panic-fueled, low-accuracy melee strikes we had in Dead Space.
  • Using telekinesis to grab a monster and use it as a meat shield is a great mechanical choice.
  • The latter half of the trailer shows what seems to be the start of a super fun, family-friendly waterpark slide, but of course it turns into a gruesome death (and we should expect nothing less!). Dead Space 2 & 3 also had their fair share of similar scripted, cinematic moments that required quick reaction to survive through.

The Callisto Protocol Release Details

The Callisto Protocol launches on December 2 this year in two different editions (regular and deluxe). It will be available on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox Series S/X (unclear if also Xbox One).
  • Steam and Epic Games Store for us PC gamers.

Excited for The Callisto Protocol? What do you think of this new gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments below!