Nvidia Announces the 4000 Series of Cards, 4090 and 4080 Launching This Fall

Nvidia just held a Keynote event where they announced, among a plethora of other things, the next generation or RTX graphics cards. As expected, these cards will have an increased power draw compared to their predecessors, and unfortunately the price also went up. You can check all this information on Nvidia’s official site once their full write-up of the new cards is posted.

First up is the 4090, the absolute best card in the line-up (until the TI version gets released in a few months). The card will cost a whooping 1599 USD, with a power draw of 450W, both number 100 units higher than the 3090. It’ll also be MASSIVE, likely bigger than its predecessor. It will launch on October 12th.

Up next is the 4080, and this one comes in two flavors. The 16GB version will cost 1199 USD and consume 320W, while the 12GB is 899 at 285W. The power consumption here is actually the same or lower than the 3080, which was at 320W. The price, however, is higher, with an increase of 500 USD and 200 USD, respectively. Both cards will be available in November.

No sign of a 4070, which is odd. There’s likely to be another keynote later announcing it, with a small chance it’ll release in December to take advantage of the holiday shopping. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 2023 for lower-tier (and cheaper) cards, or see what AMD has planned on their November 3rd presentation.

What do you think of the 4000 series so far? Are you looking to get one, or will you wait to see what the competition is brewing? Let us know in the comments below!