Welcome to Out of Games!

Greetings, traveler! I’d first like to thank you for choosing to visit Out of Games, what we hope will become your go-to website for reading about your favorite games. If you’re joining us from Out of Cards, we’re glad to see your friendly face and hope you’ll join us on our mission.

It’s no secret that the current ‘meta’ of gaming websites is full of clickbait, drawn-out paragraphs of filler and guides that are fourth-generation copy-pasted from some poor soul’s forum post. Let’s not forget gaming websites that cover comic books and TV/movies, turning the entire space into a jumbled mess of clashing interests. Our prime goal is to bring quality back into written gaming content, as we’ve succeeded with Out of Cards, covering a breadth of virtual trading card games since 2019.

You can, as usual, expect the latest news on upcoming titles but also a focus on other, less visible games. There will be spotlights on in-development games that seem promising, opinion pieces on why Windows 7’s Minesweeper is the best free-to-play game out there and a growing database of well-organized, up-to-date guides on a wide variety of games.

As you’ve probably noticed, our logo has a pretty retro vibe, and we’ll do that vibe justice by delving into the ol’ CD vault and shining a light on older games as well.

Out of Games Site Logo

Naturally, our website name was also not chosen without motive. Every Monday, we’ll release an article where we talk about the game we’ve chosen to play for the week and tell you why you should play it too! There’s lots more to look forward to in the near future that we’re not quite ready to reveal, but expect some cool features to pop up!

We’re just getting started, and we’re excited to have you on this journey with us! This week we’ll be focused on covering Summer Game Fest, running from today(!) until June 13, with June 12’s event being a gigantic drop of never-before-seen trailers. Next week you can expect a range of original, varied content to start rolling out which I hope you’ll find engaging and fun to read!

A Word From Flux

Hey! I’m super stoked to get Out of Games finally out and into the public. As Nox has pointed out, we’re still getting things started and as such we’re missing some of our core features that we have planned to build a new community in gaming.

I’m tired of where the gaming space has gone with regards to content. Not only for the reasons above, but I also feel like we’ve lost something important with Reddit being a poorly moderated and browsable mess, and Discord removing those important discussions online so it takes more effort for folks to find good information. Now we’re left with bad click bait articles that make it incredibly difficult to find the information you want because they want you to spend as long as possible on their webpage – and don’t get me wrong, we’re certainly not trying to run a charity here, we’re a business at the end of the day, but there is definitely a better way to go about it and we’re going to try and make that right.

I’m so pumped to start exploring both new and old games with everyone and delivering easy to understand, quality content. The concept of Out of Games has been a dream of mine for over a decade and I’m happy to have a team behind me that is helping make that a reality.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we get things rocking. We’ve kicked things off without our core community features and hope over the next few weeks to get things slowly introduced. For now, we’ve got a very basic commenting system on the way that you’ll be able to use to share your thoughts on content.

As always, you can leave us feedback on the site or you can reach me via email ([email protected]). I try to respond to everyone that I can, but do understand that isn’t always possible.

Thank you, and may RNG always be in your favor!