Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 39: Runbow and The Drone Racing League Simulator

Another week, another set of free Epic games! Things are getting competitive this time, with a racing platformer and a racing… flight game? Let’s take a look!


A party racer where you and up to 7 friends (8 online) run across colorful platforms while trying to win. You have a variety of game modes, like classic races and a survival mode, accompanied by a colorful art-style reminiscent of Guacamelee.

The Drone Racing League Simulator

The Drone Racing League is an actual drone racing association where people pilot drones on various race tracks. DRL Simulator is basically that, but as a video game. You can even make your own drones in the game to put out on the race track.

Next week we’re going to hell and back, with Rising Hell and Slain: Back from Hell.