World of Warcraft Officially Confirms Dragonflight Launch Date With New Trailer

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new trailer for Dragonflight, confirming the ninth expansion’s release date as November 28th. We had already suspected this might be the release date due to a leak a few months ago, but it’s good to have it confirmed. Check out the new (in-game) trailer below:

The Next Two Months

You can check out the initial announcement trailer here, in all its CGI glory. With regards to how the next two months leading up to launch will look, we’ve got a breakdown prepared for you:

  • You have a limited time to achieve the following, before they are removed in either the pre-patch or at launch.
  • The Winds of Wisdom XP buff returns beginning October 4th, increasing XP gains by 50% until the pre-patch event is live.
  • You can expect a pre-patch event 2-4 weeks before the launch date, likely with a bunch of FOMO transmog, toys and other collectibles that you’ll want to snag before they’re gone forever.
  • The pre-patch event will also unlock the Evoker class and Dracthyr race for those who pre-purchased Dragonflight, allowing you to level through their starter zone and prepare your new character for the expansion proper.
  • Once Dragonflight launches, the Dragon Isles are unlocked and players who own Dragonflight can begin their next journey to level 70!

The Month After Those Two

Once Dragonflight launches, you’ll go through the usual leveling process until you hit maximum level and start grinding through PvE and PvP activities. If you haven’t played WoW in a while, here’s some of the less usual things you can expect from Dragonflight:

  • For the first time since Cataclysm, you’ll be able to fly while leveling through the new Dragonriding. There’s a learning curve, it’s not just your normal flying, but you’ll need it, as the Dragon Isles’ zones are massive.
  • Crafting is getting a bigger facelift than ever, so if you’re looking to make a lot of gold, be prepared to invest a lot of time early on grinding for materials. Your professions now have talent trees, which improve several facets of crafting, such as the power of the items created and the efficiency of material use.
  • The four main Dragon Isles reputations do not use the regular reputation system, but an iteration of the Renown system introduced in Shadowlands. Complete activities to gain Renown levels and unlock a wide variety of cosmetics and perks.

If you, like me, are less interested in PvE/PvP and prefer to spend your time doing old content, once you’re 70 you should be able to:

  • Easily solo all Mythic dungeons in Battle For Azeroth (doable right now, but takes some time)
  • Solo at least the LFR versions of Battle For Azeroth raids. As your gain more powerful gear throughout the expansion, expect to be able to solo most, if not all difficulties of BFA raids.
  • More efficiently grind for transmog and mounts in BFA raids because they will move to Legacy loot, with bosses dropping a nice chunk of items instead of just one, occasionally.
  • All of the above will make it very easy to gather Tidalcores, Sanguicell, Breath of Bwonsambi and Expulsom, allowing you to craft the expensive bind-on-pickup gear most BFA professions offer.
  • Easily solo BFA World Bosses for transmog and that one mount in Vol’dun.
  • Mythic Antorus will be a breeze for every class.
  • Most outdoor Shadowlands content will be easy to solo, as well as Normal (and perhaps Heroic) difficulty dungeons.

What did you think of Dragonflight’s new trailer? Did the release date come as a surprise? Let us know in the comments below.