Dragon Isles Adventuring, The New Threads of Fate For Alts

In the latest beta build for Dragonflight, Blizzard has added a new alt leveling system that iterates on Shadowlands’ Threads of Fate. The ‘Dragon Isles Adventuring’ system is accessible to players’ alts once they have a max level character who has gone through the entire continent’s storyline.

If you’re not familiar with the Threads of Fate, it basically goes as follows:

  • Once in Oribos, you can choose two paths for your alt: The regular leveling (where you go and do quests through each zone) or the Threads of Fate.
  • Choosing the Threads of Fate locks you out of each zone’s main storyline.
  • You can then choose which zone to start leveling in, which will give you a quest to fill a bar to 100% by doing activities in that zone.
  • Activities include: Side-quests, world quests, killing rare elites, looting treasure and completing bonus objectives.
  • Once the bar is filled, you get a nice lump of XP and get sent back to Oribos to choose your next zone.
  • Additionally, you can do a daily run of Torghast and win a Battleground for more XP.

Dragon Isles Adventuring

Dragon Isles Adventuring seems, for the most part, to be quite similar. After going through the few quests that land you on the Dragon Isles, you can choose a quest (available only to alts) that lets you choose whichever zone you want to quest in first (regardless of their ‘right’ order). So far, it’s the same as the Threads of Fate.

A nice addition is that you’re not locked to one zone until you fill up that bar, like with Shadowlands. You can hop from zone to zone, tackling the Dragon Isles in whichever way you please! World quests are also unlocked by default, so cycling through each zone and completing all the world quests is the optimal way to go.

We don’t yet have any information on which types of activities will fill up your quest bar, but for now we can assume it’ll be the same as with the Threads of Fate.

Additionally, you’ll have access to Dragonriding from the get-go, and once you’re fully into ‘Adventuring’ mode, you’ll unlock its talent system as well – the 48 glyphs being account-wide.

No need to chase the dragon; it comes to you.

It’s good to know we’re getting some ‘alt support’ right from the start in Dragonflight. We know you’ll only have to unlock the ability to purchase transmog rewards from the Dragon Isles faction once, so the idea of account-wide progress is seemingly being embraced. Let’s hope the same goes for recipes gated behind reputation!

Did you get access to the Dragonflight beta? Does the news of an easier time leveling alts make you hopeful for 10.0? Let us know in the comments below!