Next NFS Entry Revealed – Need For Speed Unbound Trailer

The next entry in the Need for Speed saga has been revealed as ‘Unbound’ in a trailer featuring A$AP Rocky that premiered today.

Need For Speed Unbound

Coming roughly three years after its predecessor, Need for Speed Heat’s launch, Unbound is being developed by Criterion this time after the franchise was passed from EA Gothenburg. Criterion are known for the Star Wars Battlefront saga as well as Battlefield I and V, but this isn’t their first foray into the NFS franchise!

Criterion are the studio behind several Need for Speed games, including 2010’s Hot Pursuit and 2012’s Most Wanted. They also provided additional work for 2013’s Rivals, which was EA Gothenburg’s (formerly Ghost Games) first or four entries in the NFS franchise.

While the trailer for Unbound relies on a lot of extra CGI to sell the vibe of the game, we notice that the way the characters are rendered (more matte and Naruto-from-Fortnite-like) is a departure from previous art design choices in the other games, but the overall style of the world (crisp realism) remains.

The website is pretty mum on the deets, but there’s apparently going to be ‘Burst Nitrous’, a new flavor of speed. Also, here’s an interesting passage:

“Access a new toolkit of high-energy visual and sound effects to express your driving skills.”

That sounds like you’ll be able to customize both the sound of your car or it’s nitrous and perhaps some of the visual effects that we’ve seen in the trailer. Maybe it’s not all CGI!

Know what I miss? NFS Carbon. Aside from being a genuinely fun experience, I miss the live-action cutscenes. With A$AP Rocky attached to the project, it feels like this was a good opportunity to bring that back.

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