The Sims 4 Goes Free-To-Play Starting Now

In a blog post ahead of the Behind The Sims Summit, EA has revealed that The Sims 4 is going to be free to play starting today! To clarify, the base game is free, DLCs and other additional content still being locked behind a purchase.

The game can be downloaded for free on the following stores and consoles’ stores:

  • Steam, EA App or Origin (PC)
  • Steam or Origin (Mac)
  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Additionally, the stream revealed that there’s still more content to come to The Sims 4, which launched in 2014 and is the longest supported title in the franchise. Do not worry, though, because the stream also announced that the ‘next generation’ of The Sims is currently in development, which sounds like The Sims 5 but they’ll probably ditch the number.

Everyone is now able to design their dream house, where every room looks like it’s part of a different house!

Personally, I sunk a few dozen hours into Sims 4 half a decade ago and it can be fun for a while, but the game keeps you entertained for longer if you decide to invest into some DLCs. A word of warning, however: The Sims 4 has over 35 DLCs of all sizes.

Have you played The Sims 4 before? Are you going to try it out, now that it’s free? Let us know in the comments below!