Update December  17, 2020 - Please see the new numbers in our new article here. The post below has not been modified for historical accuracy.

We've put together a handy table with all the experience requirements and rewards for the reward track, Hearthstone's new progression system.

  • The variable rewards go up until level 50 at which point they become a simple 150 Gold every level.
  • You earn experience by completing weekly quests, daily quests, and the gameplay Darkmoon Faire achievements.
  • You also earn experience by just playing the game. The amount varies per mode.

Blizzard has stated in ranked play, you'll earn around 400 XP per hour (wins give more XP). If you wanted to hit the max level of the system, 150, it would therefore require you to play 1610 hours of ranked Hearthstone! That's 67 days straight which is definitely possible during the 4-month long cycle of the pass, and it doesn't include the achievements and dailies that you would complete along the way.

How Long to Get to Level 50?

In total, you're going to need to receive 196200 experience. We need to make a few assumptions though before we can give you any great math. For the sake of sanity, we'll assume the following:

  • Every daily quest you receive is 800 XP (the lowest possible).
  • You are playing ranked Hearthstone which grants 400 XP per hour.

So, how long is it going to take?

If you were to simply play games, you're looking at 20.4375 Days of gameplay. (196200 (XP for 50) / 400 (XP/Hour) / 24 (Hours Per Day)). Obviously, we're going to be doing much more than that though! This ends up being a difficult calculation to make though because there are a lot of factors involved, one being your collection.

Experience From Achievements

There are several achievements that reward experience and they are all from the Darkmoon Faire. We're assuming the XP portion of these achievements will be removed when the next expansion launches as to not make it too easy to level up in that expansion, but they're available now so let's use them.

  • Each class has 5 different achievements.
    • The first two achievements each reward 200 XP.
    • The third achievement has 3 tiers rewarding 100 XP, 100XP, and 500 XP.
    • The total experience earned is 1100 per class.
  • There are 20 Neutral achievements.
    • The experience rewards are different for each achievement.
    • Completing all these achievements rewards 3800 XP.

With those achievements in mind, we get an easy total!

  • 11000 XP earned from all class achievements.
  • 3800 XP earned from Neutral achievements.
  • 14800 XP earned from Darkmoon Faire Achievements.

Completing all these achievements gets you, from level 1 to level 14.

The only downside to the achievements is that they require having specific cards and you need to be playing every class. As I said, this is difficult to calculate!

Experience From Daily & Weekly Quests

Each week you can complete three weekly quests starting on each Monday and every day you are given a new Daily.

  • 1 Weekly Quest will always be worth 2500 XP.
  • 2 Weekly Quests will be worth 1750 XP.
  • Your dailies are worth at least 800 XP.

With the above in mind, we're looking at 6000 XP per week earned from the weekly quests and an additional 5600 XP (at the minimum) from dailies.

Completing your weeklies and dailies for the week gives you (at the minimum) 11600 XP.

The Final Count(down)

We're going to assume that you play Hearthstone one hour per day to complete your daily quest and to make progression on your weekly ones. Assuming that is ranked play, because it is the highest value of XP per hour, that is 2800 XP per week.

So now we've got some baseline XP values to work with.

  • Quests: 11600 XP per Week.
  • Achievements: 14800 XP (once).
  • Ranked Play: 2800 XP per Week.

That gives us a total of 14400 XP per week and a one time boost of 14800 XP. With us needing 196200 XP to get to 50, we can knock that down to 181400 XP after the completion of achievements. This lets us solve the rest easy.

181400 / 14400 (XP per Week) = 12.59 Weeks

With it taking just over 12 weeks, that's roughly 3 months or the full duration of the pass. So if you play an hour of Hearthstone a day and make sure you complete your quests and achievements each week, you'll definitely hit level 50 to get that sweet alternate hero prize.

Experience & Rewards Table - Darkmoon Faire Rewards Track

Getting from level 50 to 150 gives you a total of 15,000 Gold!

Your LevelXP to NextTotal XPFree RewardPaid Reward
1100100Random Legendary Card10% XP Boost Silas Darkmoon Golden Legendary
2150250Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack 
3200450Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack 
4300750Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack 
54501200Random Epic CardApprentice Jaina
66001800100 Gold 
77502550100 Gold 
89003450Scholomance Academy Card Pack 
910504500100 Gold 
1012505750Sideshow Glow Card Back15% XP Boost
1115007250100 Gold 
1217509000Ashes of Outland Card Pack 
13200011000100 Gold 
14220013200100 Gold 
15240015600Tavern TicketThrall, Son of Durotan
16250018100100 Gold 
17260020700Year of the Dragon Card Pack 
18270023400100 Gold 
19280026200100 Gold 
20290029100Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card PackArchmage Jaina
21300032100100 Gold 
22310035200100 Gold 
23320038400Scholomance Academy Card Pack 
24330041700100 Gold 
25345045150Random Legendary CardAnnhylde Hero Flight of the Val'kyr Card Back
26360048750150 Gold 
27375052500Ashes of Outland Card Pack 
28390056400150 Gold 
29405060450150 Gold 
30425064700Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card PackAlterac Thrall
31445069150150 Gold 
32465073800150 Gold 
33485078650Year of the Dragon Card Pack 
34505083700150 Gold 
35530089000Tavern Ticket20% XP Boost
36555094550200 Gold 
375800100350Scholomance Academy Card Pack 
386050106400200 Gold 
396300112700200 Gold 
406600119300Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card PackKul Tiran Jaina
416900126200200 Gold 
427200133400Ashes of Outland Card Pack 
437500140900200 Gold 
447800148700200 Gold 
458100156800300 GoldWolfrider Thrall
468400165200Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack 
478700173900300 Gold 
489000182900Year of the Dragon Card Pack 
499300192200300 Gold 
504000196200Choose a Hero SkinDarkmoon Coin
514050200250150 Gold 
524100204350150 Gold 
534150208500150 Gold 
544200212700150 Gold 
554250216950150 Gold 
564300221250150 Gold 
574350225600150 Gold 
584400230000150 Gold 
594500234500150 Gold 
604500239000150 Gold 
614500243500150 Gold 
624500248000150 Gold 
634500252500150 Gold 
644500257000150 Gold 
654500261500150 Gold 
664500266000150 Gold 
674500270500150 Gold 
684500275000150 Gold 
694500279500150 Gold 
704500284000150 Gold 
714500288500150 Gold 
724500293000150 Gold 
734500297500150 Gold 
744500302000150 Gold 
754500306500150 Gold 
764500311000150 Gold 
774500315500150 Gold 
784500320000150 Gold 
794500324500150 Gold 
804500329000150 Gold 
814500333500150 Gold 
824500338000150 Gold 
834500342500150 Gold 
844500347000150 Gold 
854500351500150 Gold 
864500356000150 Gold 
874500360500150 Gold 
884500365000150 Gold 
894500369500150 Gold 
904500374000150 Gold 
914500378500150 Gold 
924500383000150 Gold 
934500387500150 Gold 
944500392000150 Gold 
954500396500150 Gold 
964500401000150 Gold 
974500405500150 Gold 
984500410000150 Gold 
994500414500150 Gold 
1004500419000150 Gold 
1014500423500150 Gold 
1024500428000150 Gold 
1034500432500150 Gold 
1044500437000150 Gold 
1054500441500150 Gold 
1064500446000150 Gold 
1074500450500150 Gold 
1084500455000150 Gold 
1094500459500150 Gold 
1104500464000150 Gold 
1114500468500150 Gold 
1124500473000150 Gold 
1134500477500150 Gold 
1144500482000150 Gold 
1154500486500150 Gold 
1164500491000150 Gold 
1174500495500150 Gold 
1184500500000150 Gold 
1194500504500150 Gold 
1204500509000150 Gold 
1214500513500150 Gold 
1224500518000150 Gold 
1234500522500150 Gold 
1244500527000150 Gold 
1254500531500150 Gold 
1264500536000150 Gold 
1274500540500150 Gold 
1284500545000150 Gold 
1294500549500150 Gold 
1304500554000150 Gold 
1314500558500150 Gold 
1324500563000150 Gold 
1334500567500150 Gold 
1344500572000150 Gold 
1354500576500150 Gold 
1364500581000150 Gold 
1374500585500150 Gold 
1384500590000150 Gold 
1394500594500150 Gold 
1404500599000150 Gold 
1414500603500150 Gold 
1424500608000150 Gold 
1434500612500150 Gold 
1444500617000150 Gold 
1454500621500150 Gold 
1464500626000150 Gold 
1474500630500150 Gold 
1484500635000150 Gold 
1494500639500150 Gold 
1504500644000150 Gold