First Wave of Game Pass Games Is Here – 9 Games Are Added to the Service, 5 of Them on the Day of Release

Spooky season is over and Santa’s armies are already marching southward, even though it’s only November. But a new month means new games, and this month we have quite a lot of stuff releasing on Game Pass at the same time as for general audiences. Let’s take a look!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier + Michonne

The Walking Dead is probably the most successful series that Telltale had before they went under (RIP). The first two seasons were already on the service, and now two spin-offs are being added: A New Frontier and Michonne. Survive the Zombie apocalypse in this point-and-click 3D adventure, where your choices (allegedly) have consequences and every decision you make matters.

Available now on PC.

The Legend of Tianding

It’s the early 20th century, and Taiwan is under Japanese occupation. You play as Liao Tianding, a plucky young man that knows enough kung-fu to make for an interesting side-scrolling brawler. Fight your way through various levels using a multitude of techniques and weapons to drive off the invaders.

Available now on PC, Console and Cloud as a day 1 title.

Ghost Song

On the desolate moon of Lorian, you awaken. As you journey across and underneath the surface of this moon, you discover ancient mysteries, cosmic horrors, and a little bit about yourself. Ghost Song is a metroidvania that leans heavily on the Metroid side of things to deliver an atmospheric experience you won’t forget soon.

Available on November 3rd for PC, Console and Cloud as a day 1 title.

Football Manager 2023

If you like to manage football teams more than playing the game, this is for you. Not much to say here, it’s Football Manager. There’s a separate console version called Football Manager 2023 Console… which will also be on PC, so that platform has two games.

Available on November 8th on PC, Console, Cloud, and PC as a day 1 title.

Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island in Return to Monkey Island, the latest sequel to the Monkey Island series (try saying that sentence 5 times fast). This game brings back familiar faces in a new point-and-click adventure with a brand new art-style. Will you be able to stop LeChuck once and for all?

Available on November 8th for PC, Console and Cloud.

Vampire Survivors

What’s the complete opposite of Bullet Hell? “Uhm, arrow heaven?” Huh, maybe. But no, here we’re talking about a Bullet Heaven game, where you’re a tiny guy on a large map swarmed with enemies, and you start firing more and more bullets from your body to mow them down. Vampire Survivor is probably the game to invent the genre, and it’s one of the best at it.

Available November 10th on Console.


Coming from Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios, Pentiment is a beautifully hand-drawn narrative adventure. You play as Andreas Maler, a master artist living in the Bavarian Alps. Choose your background and impact a changing world while getting caught in scandals, intrigue, and some murders.

Available on November 15th for PC, Console and Cloud as a day 1 title.


You are a simple man with a wife, a small child, and a dog. Your life takes a turn for the worse when aliens invade the planet. In Somerville, there are superheroes fighting off the invaders, but you are not one of them. You are just some guy who wants his family to survive a takeover from across the stars.

Available on November 15th for PC and Console as a day 1 title.

DLC and Game Updates

The following games have received additional content:

  • Sniper Elite 5: Up Close & Personal Pack and Free Map – A weapon and skin pack that Game Pass subscribers can get for 10% off. Available now.
  • Sea of Thieves: Return of the Damned – New event that sees the players try and prevent Captain Flamehearth from returning to this world. Available between the 3rd and 17th of November.
  • Halo Infinite: Winter Update – An update that brings two new maps, two themed events, a new mode, a free Battle Pass, and more. The update also brings some quality of life improvements. Available November 8th.,
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition – The 40th anniversary edition of the title, available for Game Pass owners at no extra cost. The blogpost doesn’t mention how it’s different from the standard version. Available November 11th.

Games Leaving the Service

As usual, we have a number of games leaving the service. The Football Managers are leaving on the 8th (replaced by the 2023 versions), while everything else leaves on the 15th.

  • Football Manager 2022 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Art of Rally (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Fae Tactics (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Next Space Rebel (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • One Step from Eden (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Supraland (Cloud, Console, and PC)

How’s this month’s first wave of Game Pass releases treating you? Is there something else you’d like to see? Let us know down below!