AMD Announces the Radeon 7900 XT and 7900 XTX Graphic Cards, Starting At

AMD has announced their latest line of graphic cards. This is their high-end offering, so those of us hoping for some mid-tier cards will have to wait for a while longer. There were two new cards showcased today, and both will be available on December 13th.

First up is the the Radeon RX 7900 XTX, the highest tier card offered, which comes with 24GB of VRAM, consumes 355W, and will cost around 999 USD. Then there’s the 7900 XT, the slightly which is slightly weaker, at 20GB of VRAM, 300W, and around 899 USD. This is about the same price or lower as the (theoretical) launch price of the RX 6900XT, the company’s previous card.

If you caught our article on Nvidia’s latest cards, you’d notice that AMD’s cards manage to beat them in a good number of places. They are a lot cheaper, for one, with the top-tier RX 7900 XTX being 200 USD cheaper than the RXT 4080 (the only one out there). They also consume a lot less power, with the hungriest AMD card consuming 95W less than Nvidia’s top tier.

They also support DisplayPort 2.1, while Nvidia is stuck at DisplayPort 1.4. In terms of resolution, the Nvidia cards are limited at 8k at 60Hz, while AMD’s cards go to at least double that. Of course, none of the cards are actually able to run games at these resolutions, but it proves AMD is more concerned with future-proofing their cards than Team Green.

Now, all that’s less is to see how the cards perform. Sure, AMD said they got between 1.5 and 2 times the performance of the previous generation, but you should always wait for third party testing. That being said, AMD has positioned itself really well against the competition, and look to be great cards to buy.