Remedy Confirms Work on Control 2 is Underway

In a post on their website, Remedy has confirmed that Control 2 is currently being developed, being formerly referred to as ‘Codename Heron’ (can we talk about this nonsense ‘codename’ phase game companies are going through?). The developer has signed on to co-develop and co-publish the sequel with Italian video game publisher 505 Games. Game Director Mikael Kasurinen had this to say about the new agreement:

With Control, we leaped into the unknown. We wanted to create something new. Something different and unexpected. A world like no other. Thank you, the audience, for making Control such a success for us.

With Control 2, we’ll take another leap into the unknown. It’ll be an unexpected journey. It’ll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. It’s still early days, but it will be worth the wait.

Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director of the Control Franchise
control 2 concept art
Concept art for the sequel.


Control launched in August 2019 to widespread critical acclaim. Keeping spoilers light, it follows Jesse Faden (played by Courtney Hope) on a quest to find her missing brother in the Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters, The Oldest House. Inspired by the SCP Foundation notorious for their well-crafted creepypasta, the game goes hard on being weird (in a good way!) and delivers an experience seldom found in the medium and more commonly reserved for books and HBO limited series.

The acting is quite high-caliber, the story is engaging and the gameplay is a successful mix of shooting, puzzles, throwing things around and awesome destructible environments. I would suggest picking this game up if you haven’t yet, as it’s one of the better examples of games being used as an artistic medium.

Excited to finally have some concrete news about Control 2? Have you played the original? Let us know in the comments below!