Get the Veterans Day Nameplate By Logging into Halo: The Master Chief Collection Before Nov. 16

A seasonal reward approaches! If you’re an avid collector of Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s cosmetic rewards including the over-380 nameplates, you’ll want to take a short break from splattering players in Halo Infinite’s Winter Update and log into Halo: MCC.

Until November 16, logging into MCC will automatically add the Veterans Day nameplate (pictured below) to your collection. Now, we’re pretty sure this is a brand-new nameplate and not a seasonal repeat, as just one-two weeks ago MCC has 383 available nameplates to collect. That number now sits at 389, so this should be a new grab for even the most completionist of players!

halo the master chief collection, depiction of the new veterans day nameplate

This is but a kernel of what’s coming to MCC this November. To celebrate Halo 4’s tenth anniversary, the game will be receiving increased mod support, theater mode, new skulls in the form of Acrophobia and Bandana, golden moa collectibles (joining the list of games that can do the weekly challenge to find those sneaky little birds!) and more.

Details about all these upcoming goodies are set to drop later this month, after Halo Infinite’s Winter Update has had enough breathing room so the two Halos don’t clash in terms of big updates.

Are you a Halo achievement/cosmetic collector? Are you looking forward to the game’s next big update? Let us know in the comments below!